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Heavy Kitbashes: Custom Dawn of Future Past – Pre-Beast Megatron Pt 4

Beast Wars Transformers Customs

We return for week four here on the Kitbash arena called, Megatron’s Altered Targets. In this edition, we’ll be covering the details and more paint work. So I’ve gotten quite a bit done on this figure so far. Now have to complete the rest of the figure and then I can work on shoulders which I may get a Optimus Primal OG for since those seem to work. The benefit of the head being OG is that it stands higher than the shoulders but the downside is it does look a bit off due to that sizing.

Head on the Body

So we have the head attached finally to the figure. I thankfully had to trim very little on the inside of the head to make it work as expected. He can turn his head with a slight head swivel which surprised me. But doesn’t look too bad. Progress is continuing on this custom and I like where it’s headed…get it? Headed? Okay, let’s move on.

Custom Painting Continues

So here I began painting the shoulders, sides and arms. I submitted it to various forums and people seemed to think I used a marker on it when the paint was just not dealing with the transition to the figure. I had to concur that there were issues. As for the head, I wasn’t happy with the damage to the side of the head with adding the milliput to fill-in the bat wing sections. But this was the result so far.

Stay tuned for next week to see more!

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