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Heavy Kitbashes: Custom Dawn of Future Past – Pre-Beast Megatron Pt 5

Beast Wars Transformers Customs

We return for week five here on the Kitbash arena called, Megatron’s Altered Targets. In this edition, we’ll be covering the details and more paint work. So I’ve restarted the painting here. As I mentioned last week, some Transformers forum and Discord users ridiculed it as it “looked like it was painted with markers”. It was the paint but it was flawed. So I found the silver lining there. So I bought some sanding sticks with some give and in varying degrees of sanding from 60 grit to 4000. It was around $10 on Amazon for 20 sticks so it was honestly worth it for fixing my hack jobs. It works really well too.


So after sanding the head, I cleaned it up and repainted it. Looks really nice now to be honest. However the head still isn’t much smaller. I’d still like a Kingdom head but for now, it works as an option. I did pull the hands from him, taped off the feet and mid section that are painted in graphite metallic paints.

I bought some Rustoleum 2-in-1 Paint and Primer paint that is purple gloss. I realize that most want Krylon Fusion Paint and Primer but, one, no one had it in stock, and two, no one had purple. This was the result. Keep in mind, it’s still wet here but when it dries to the touch, it does look really nice.

Next Up…

So the next goal is to pull the tape from the taped areas, paint the chest pieces that had green inside to be more noticeable. Also, reattach the hands, head and the tab on the back. Add silvers, graphite metallic, and various reds, and the chest. Then I need the shoulder pads to secure to the figure and we should be good to go.

See ya next update!

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