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Heavy Kitbashes: Custom Dawn of Future Past – Pre-Beast Megatron Pt 6

We return for week six here on the Kitbash arena called, Megatron’s Altered Targets. In this edition, we’ll be covering the details and more paint work. So I had already restarted the painting and actually added a 2nd coat to some areas. But there have been some slight hurdles too. The sanding sticks worked well but ultimately some aspects I wonder if getting a different starting figure would have worked best. I’m not second guessing myself here but wondering if the transformation could have been achieved more easily with like a Titan’s Return Galvatron or Astrotrain. Nevertheless, I am happy as far as this figure is concerned.


As you know, I fixed the head, cleaned areas and repainted. BUT, I managed to get my hands on a Kingdom Megatron head on Mercari for less than $12 shipped which saved me the added bonus of offloading a headless figure that was broken anyways. Suffice it to say, the head has no screws and was easily painted for the figure and snapped onto the existing head ball joint. I painted his head with the graphite metallic and silver paints and colored the eyes a red shade as well. I still need to change the side of the helmet chin guards to silver but that I can tackle later.

The Test

After painting the head, I put it on the figure, removed the tape and although I discovered areas missed by the spray paint, it overall looks nice. I do plan to touch him up by spray painting into a small container and with a paint brush, touching up areas of the character.

I think the colors look great here but desperately needs detail work. As you can see the hands, head, waist, feet, add some element of color depth to him but I am working on adding some random graphite, silver, red and greens to him to round him out.

For instance, the peg placements on the arms, I filled in with silver, surrounding the outer layer with graphic to make it pop more. As well as the green in the windows of the chest. The final picture above and on further photos show two silver bits above the chest windows which are on the artwork. I took two LEGO Star Wars Droid arms and chopped them to fit, painted them silver and glued them to the chest component. What’s funny is the head almost looks too small for the body but it’s roughly the same size as Galvatron’s. So it is what it is. The OG BW head was too big. This will fit in the chest.


Here is where the rubber meets the road. I am unsure on the legs if I plan to leave that silver marking on the upper thighs to the waist because it looks strange to me now that it’s there. But I need to touch up that area regardless so not a huge deal if I need to change it. As you can see the windows are a darker green than previous paints and the back has some graphite details. He’s going to very much be a hodgepodge of ideas customizing him further than the artwork and original CGI model on Episode 1 of Beast Wars. I want it to pop with life and that’s a bit too much purple but was required to do this properly. Still happy with it however.

Further Tasks

So here I will layout future plans for this figure. I need to touch up various purple areas such as the tops of the legs attaching to the waist, some elements on his shins, and upper shoulders. I also need to get him a shoulder pad that can attach to his shoulders possibly or the towers on his shoulders. No luck there. I could use OG Optimus Primal Monkey shoulder pads but no luck finding those. Also attempted some WFC Megatron custom ones that people were selling on eBay but those won’t fit. Regardless, touched up the gun again but forgot to take photos this go around. I plan to add more color in places to match the gun too. Going to get a very fine, black and lighter purple paint pen to detail line this guy and make him stand out better.

Next Up…

So the next goal is laid out. Then I think a mock transformation to test paint that was missed and then clear coat and we have ourselves a custom.

See ya next update!

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