Why You Should Be Excited about Innovations in 3D Printing

Only a number of years ago, 3D printing was brand new technology that we were still trying to figure out how to use. Today, 3D printers are much more widely used and more readily accessible. Every day, more innovations in 3D printing are developed, creating exciting new opportunities for students and employers alike.


3D printing has transformed additive manufacturing as we know it. For years, companies and manufacturing shops have tried to simplify the manufacturing process, which tends to produce a lot of wasted raw material. While some companies are able to reuse the material that they don’t use, like melting down leftover metal in a technology factory for example, other companies have to get rid of their costly material waste. 3D printing eliminates these issues completely, as it creates a perfected and precise process for mass producing materials. 3D printing can form the exact shape, design, and format of the desired product without leftover materials or waste. It also has many other ways that it aids mass production, like cutting down manufacturing equipment and time.

Print Parts for Repair

Another use for 3D printing hits, quite literally, a lot closer to home. As 3D printers become more widely used, homeowners should consider utilizing them in their DIY projects and home repair. For example, when a pipe breaks, you could easily print a replacement pipe instead of having to worry about going to the store or finding the right replacement online. This can help you to make quick and precise repairs and replacements without the hassle of going to the store or calling in a professional to do the repairs for you. In addition to convenience, 3D printing has many other benefits for home repair, such as increasing the quality and life of replacement parts.

Home Building

How often have you had a precise vision for your home revision project and haven’t found the necessary supplies to bring that vision to life? Maybe you’re wanting to create the most modern, high-tech gaming room on the block, but none of the tech stores nearby are creative enough for your taste? With a 3D printer, you would be able to recreate your imagined project with great precision and success. You could print anything from quirky decorative flourishes to useful construction framing materials. You could even use 3D printing to add features like a deck to your home. With a 3D printer, the possibilities are endless for your personalized abode.


There are many exciting innovations happening in the healthcare field with the continued development of 3D printing. Medical devices like insertion syringes, printed heart valves, and LOC devices are only a few examples of the many ways that 3D printing is being used in healthcare. One of the most popular ideas currently used in healthcare is using 3D printing to accurately create personalized prosthetics and orthotics. This allows healthcare providers to provide even better care for their patients with health solutions made specifically to fit their bodies. For example, a person suffering from foot pain could receive a personalized shoe insert, made precisely to fit their feet, therefore eliminating any further injury or pain that could be caused by an inaccurate fit. Engineers are even working on replacing broken joints and bones with 3D printed parts! The future of 3D printing in the medical field is very bright.

Opportunities for Education

Many schools and public libraries have started investing in 3D printers to show students how beneficial this technology can be to education. Students are able to design products that they then print with the assistance of their teachers. Some high schools are even starting to supply 3D printers in their computer technology classes, allowing the students themselves to gain hands-on experience in being creative and innovative in creating 3D printed solutions.

Industrial Construction

3D printing has streamlined a lot of the tedious processes in industrial construction. This method is used in creating construction materials such as foam, concrete cement, and welding materials. In addition to creating materials, 3D printing also cuts down on labor demands and costs, making construction sites more organized and safe.

A New Art Medium

One of the new and unexpected uses of 3D printing is creating art. With 3D printing, art is no longer limited to 2 dimensions, as artists can use elements that make their part literally pop off the page. There are also new applications in ceramics, as artists can use great precision and innovative design to print intricate ceramic pieces. 3D printing can even print materials such as gold or platinum, which opens up a world of possibilities for artists in the jewelry making business.

Unique Fashion Solutions

A few years ago, a few activewear brands, like New Balance, Nike and Adidas, decided to invest in 3D printers to streamline their production process and customize their products while simultaneously optimizing their quality and performance. 3D printing has allowed them to quickly mass produce high performance athletic shoes with soles that are custom made for a specific type of foot, sport, or physical need. 3D printing has started to bleed into other parts of the fashion and clothing making industry. Companies are exploring different uses for 3D printing in making customized textiles, even textiles with special qualities such as being heat retaining, fireproof, or bulletproof. There are endless possibilities for new fashion solutions that can be provided with 3D printing technology. In an industry like fashion, which is constantly shifting and growing, the creative liberties that 3D printing provides will doubtlessly go far. 

There are so many reasons why you should be excited about the creative innovations of 3D printing. With 3D printers becoming more accessible in many communities, you should take the opportunity to learn more about how 3D printers can benefit your life and facilitate your hobbies and projects. You may even surprise yourself and decide to invest in one, once you see the endless ways that you can use it!

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