DVD Review – Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Season 1 Volume 1

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

Season 1 Volume 1



The year was 1993, I was thirteen years old at the time, and I needed a new show to latch onto. That just so happened to be Mighty morphin’ Power Rangers! Shout Factory and TimeLife have released brand new Power Rangers DVDs. They have the Complete Series Set that runs from Mighty Morphin’ to Lost Galaxy. They are also releasing that set through volume sets. The sad thing is that if you want any of the bonus features, you have to buy the big box set. 

I’m not sure if it is because Shout Factory is working with TimeLife, or what, but not including the bonus features in the volume sets seems weird to me. Normally most Shout Factory sets do include the bonus features on the individual sets, although in other big box sets there is sometimes a “all special features disc” that is not included in the separated set. I understand why they do this, but not having any bonus features on the volume sets seems to me that they are leaving out a wide range of people that will buy them.

DVD Menus:

As always Shout Factory does an amazing job with visually stunning menus. On the Season 1 Volume 1 set there is a main and chapter menu, as well as the setup menu. You can’t tell from the picture above but the zordon tube actually rotates through scenes when you are on the main menu. It is very cool.


The audio and video is great as always, when Shout puts a set together. They always go after the best master tapes that they can get their hands on. The sound quality is great, and hearing all the awesome music and sound effects, it transports me back to Port Orange, Florida when I was living with my mom in 1995-1996. The video quality is very well done for a standard DVD release. I know everyone these days is wanting blu ray, and all that jazz, but I’m perfectly happy with regular DVD format.

Overall Thoughts:

In closing I’ll say if you do not subscribe to netflix, and want to see the episodes on DVD get this. However if you are a bonus features nut like I am, go get the complete series DVD set.

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  1. wow i might have to do the volume sets i was lucky to get the jem boxset but that was only 3 slip cases. now mmpr to lost galaxy thats diferent i bet that will be expensive i might have to get that as a birthday gift or chrismas gift at the least.

    1. the 40 Disc set is $219.95 … save your money and you can get it eventually. I think the time life link I have in the post allows installment payments you’d have to look at it. If you want bonus features the 40 disc set is the only way to get them, the volume sets just have the episodes.

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