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Pacific Blue The Complete Series

Yes this is Baywatch on Bikes! And it is awesome! Heck even Carmen Electra appeared in an episode as her character from Baywatch!  I remember watching this show in the 90’s, and loving it just a little more than Baywatch. Yes Baywatch aka BabeWatch was the standard for hot babes in tight lifeguard uniforms. However Pacific Bluehad the unique aspect of a show about Bike Cops. The stunts with the bikes were great, and the storylines throughout the five seasons were fantastic! Plus I think this was the first time I’d seen Mario Lopez outside of a Saved By The Bell show. 

I’ve been waiting for years for this to hit DVD, whether Complete Series or Season sets. Well MillCreek has done both. Huge Thanks to Amy Gorton for sending me the review sample. MillCreek has done an awesome job putting Pacific Blue on DVD! The Complete Series is 19 Discs and has a bunch of great bonus features which are listed below:

Bonus Features:





99 PROMO (“promo reel”)

Behind the Scenes – Broken Dreams



The features More than Bikes are awesome clip shows of the scenes from the series that have nothing to do with the bike cop angle. I like that feature, there is a Behind the Scenes featurette as well, and gag reels from seasons 2-5.

I have one glaring issue with MillCreek…. and it’s not just with the Pacific Blue Complete Series set either…. They package all their Complete Series set discs in computer disc sleeves. Whereas other companies have disc trays. See the image below:

In my opinion DVD sets, especially complete series sets should not be packaged like that. Again I’m very happy that MillCreek has released Pacific Blue on DVD. I love watching the show, and it is a TV show I can watch all the time.

If you have been a Pacific Blue fan, you need to get this DVD set!

Get Pacific Blue The Complete Series from MillCreek or Amazon

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  1. Its the show that got me into the sport of cycling and mountain biking! Yes I love this show too and I have this dvd set as well! I pre-ordered it from Amazon late last year so I was really happy to finally receive it and watching all the episodes on dvd!

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