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Future of TV Podcasts on The GCRN


Programming Alert:

The Tele-Cast Returns Soon and…..

Introducing…REMOTE CONTROL!!


November 8, 2010…. The Tele-Cast hit the airwaves. OptimusSolo crafted the show as The GCRN’s Retro TV Discussion Podcast. Each episode he would give us a general overview of a show he grew up with. Season 1 centered on Live-Action Childrens Television Programming. It gave us episodes like Clarissa Explains It All, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Saved By The Bell, Double Dare and many more!

Unfortunately scheduling, personal life situations and personal tragedies prevented OptimusSolo from completing the Season 1 schedule as he had planned. The show has endured multiple hiatuses and at many times was only able to give its listeners something that resembled this:


For years fans have been asking the GeekCast Radio Network where Tele-Cast was and when it would be returning. OptimusSolo has one message for all of those die-hard Tele-Cast fans… FINALLY you can safely put the Remotes back in your hands, the GCRN TV has been fixed and the signal is coming in crystal clear. At long last, Tele-Cast Season 1 will conclude 4 years to the date of its launch, November 8, 2014!  Then a bold new direction begins as the GCRN TV gains a new channel!

In the time that Tele-Cast has been off the air…there has been a new wave of great television shows that has left many of the GeekCast Radio staff clamoring to talk TV. You may remember a brief appearance of a show called “Jump the Shark” and various TV topics filtering into shows like AGU and GCR.  The network did not want to infringe on Tele-Cast territory and for many years did not have the right channel to explore modern television….until now!


A brand NEW TV podcast is coming to GeekCast Radio. Introducing…Remote Control! Remote Control (RC) will have several types of episodes that will give you a totally fresh and different take on TV compared to what you will be getting on TeleCast.

Pilot Premieres (PP) – Pilot Premiere is a part of Remote Control where we take a look at various pilots for each new TV season. We’ll give thoughts on the episode and predictions on where we think the series will go.

Season Premieres (SE) – Season Premiere is a part of Remote Control where we take a look at various Season Premiere episodes for returning TV series. We’ll give thoughts on the where the series left off and predictions on where we think the new season will go.

Finishing Finales (FF) – Finishing Finale is the part of Remote Control where we take a look at various Season Finales for new OR returning TV series. We’ll give thoughts on the finale episode and overall thoughts on the season in its entirety. We also may give predictions for the next season.

Reality Rewind (RR) – Reality Rewind is a set of themed episodes for Remote Control focusing on Reality TV. These episodes could be talking about one or multiple reality TV shows in one podcast episode.

Also, introducing a NEW type of episode that will be featured on BOTH Remote Control AND The TeleCast!

RC_SP-001 The Blacklist S1


Season Pass (SP) – Season Pass is where we take an in depth look at an entire season from an individual show. We’ll give you our detailed thoughts and the notes we recorded as we watched the entire season. Then we will decide if we will continue watching that particular series or not. Possibly this could mean more SP episodes for the future from that series. It’s a review show that doesn’t have to consist of 20+ podcast episodes covering a series episode by episode. Instead you get an entire season in one shot. Season Pass episodes for Remote Control will consist of season reviews from any show that aired after the year 2000 whereas episodes for Tele-Cast will remain for series that aired PRIOR to the year 2000. For any show that aired on both sides of the millennium the episodes will be broadcast on both shows and feeds simultaneously.

That is what you can expect from Remote Control, which will be coming to the GeekCast Radio very soon. As for Tele-Cast, first thing is first, finishing Season 1! For those that might not remember here’s what’s left to air in Season 1 of The Tele-Cast:

Episode 31: The Elephant Show

Episode 32: Kids Incorporated

Episode 33: The Mickey Mouse Club

Episode 34: Listener’s Choice

Episode 35: Show Wrap-up/Review

After Season 1 wraps there will be a special series of episodes prior to the beginning of Season 2. We will introduce you to our first Season Pass episode and then from there we will welcome you to The Game Show Grotto!!!

Game Show Grotto Part 1: The Classics

Game Show Grotto – Wheel of Fortune

Game Show Grotto – Jeopardy

Game Show Grotto – Concentration

Game Show Grotto – Hollywood Squares

Game Show Grotto – 25,000 Pyramid

Game Show Grotto – Let’s Make A Deal

Game Show Grotto – Family Feud

Game Show Grotto – Name That Tune

Game Show Grotto – Scrabble

Game Show Grotto – The Price is Right

Game Show Grotto – Sale of the Century

Game Show Grotto – Whammy

Then you can expect one more Season Pass episode before Season 2 kicks off!  Tune-In to the Season 1 Wrap-up of The Tele-Cast to discover what the theme for Season 2 will be!!

As for Remote Control…

Remote Control will be starting off its lifespan with the following episodes:

Who Controls Remote Control

Episode 00 – Who Controls Your Remote Control 9-17-14

Fall-Winter 2014 September – December

Gotham, Season 1

Pilot Premiere Ep 01 – Gotham FOX

Scorpion, Season 1

Pilot Premiere Ep 02 – Scorpion CBS

CBS - Stalker, Season 1

Pilot Premiere Ep 03 – Stalker CBS

The Flash, Season 1

Pilot Premiere Ep 04 – The Flash The CW

Red Band Society, Season 1

Pilot Premiere Ep 05 – Red Band Society FOX

Pilot Premiere Ep 06 – Constantine NBC

Forever, Season 1

Pilot Premiere Ep 07 – Forever ABC

CBS - BBT Season 8

Season Premiere Ep 001 – The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Eps 1-2

RC_SP-001 Arrow S1

Season Pass Ep 001 – Arrow Season 1

RC_SP-002 Arrow S2

Season Pass Ep 002 – Arrow Season 2 


Season Premiere Ep 002 – Arrow Season 3 Ep 1 

Season Pass Ep 003 – NCIS LA Season 1

RC_SP-001 The Blacklist S1

Season Pass Ep 004 – The Blacklist Season 1 

RC_SP The Blacklist S2

Season Premiere Ep 003 – The Blacklist Season 2 Ep 1 

RC_SP-006 Americans S1

Season Pass Ep 005 – The Americans

Season Pass Ep 006 – Rizzoli & Isles Season 1

Season Pass Ep 007 – Rizzoli & Isles Season 2

RC_SP-004 Dallas S1

Season Pass Ep 008 – Dallas Season 1

RC_SP-005 Dallas S2

Season Pass Ep 009 – Dallas Season 2 

Season Pass Ep 010 – White Collar Season 1

The other interesting thing about Remote Control is that it will feature news from Thetelevixen.com‘s Caffeine article written up by Kate Welsh. She gets the BEST TV news out there. Every RC episode will have a five minute TV News discussion in the introductory segment. We will also link to Kate’s article in the episode post so you can see the news for yourself. You can also look forward to a variety of hosts and co-hosts taking turns with the Remote Control.

Don’t adjust your picture, TV discussion podcasts are coming back to The GCRN!!!

Remote Control turns on September 17, 2014!!!

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