Jeremy’s Top Ten Macho Man Randy Savage’s Matches

I don’t know about you.   But I’m stoked that former World Wrestling Federation Superstar.   Macho Man Randy Savage is finally getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.  He sadly passed away a few years ago.   Granted Savage’s leave from the WWF in ’94 was wrong.   Still Vince decided to take the WWF in another direction.   Making Savage a commentator instead of a part time/full time superstar.   Forcing Savage to jump ship and go enlist to W.C.W.   I remember on an episode of Monday Night Raw, where Vince told the fans Savage left.   Just as Vince ended his speech and was ready to go to commercial.   You can see Vince’s face changing.   It looked like Vince was cursing Savage’s name under his breath.


In honor of Savage’s Legacy.   I’ve decided to create an top ten list of my favorite matches.   Now remember this list is just my own personal opinion.  I’m also not going to get too technical.  Due to the fact that some people have just heard of these wrestlers.   They’re not wrestling fans.   If that makes any sense.   So without further adieu, let’s begin.

10 – Vs. Crush Falls Count Anywhere Match WrestleMania X 1994.


A few months before Wrestlemania Thirty.   I recorded a podcast regarding Thirty of the best Wresltmania matches. As well as Thirty of the worst.   Unfortunately, due to a virus several of my podcasts were erased.   I can’t remember where I put this match.  Crush was known as this Hawaii strongman.   He wrestled Yokozuna, and was badly hurt.   After being out for a few weeks, he somehow blamed savage for being out of action.   Legendary Manager Mr. Fuji brainwashed Crush.   Savage wanted to wrestle again, and that as they say is that.  It was the first falls count anywhere match.  Once an opponent was pined, outside the ring.   That person had sixty seconds to get back into the ring.   It did help the dramatic tension.   It ended, with Savage pinning Crush in the back lot of Madison Square Garden.   Savage then used a T.V. cable to tie Crush up by his ankles.   Savage raced back to the ring and that was sadly his last WWF match.   It was an worthy effort, and worth watching.   Who better than Savage to make good on a bad situation.

9 – Vs. George The Animal Steel Saturday Nights Main Event 1987.

maxresdefaultThe Randy Savage/George The Animal Steel feud was a classic.   George was this man child, who was in love with Savages Valet.   In r-e-a-l life Liz and Randy were an item.   Same was the case in r-e-e-l life.   Savage was overprotective of her, in both situations.   So naturally this storyline was ingenious.   Geroge was in love with Liz, and attempted to win her heart by winning the Intercontinental Title from Savage.  However he had Liz on the mind, and would lose to the Macho Man.   I believe this was the final attempt.   If George won, not only would he win the belt.   He’d win Liz as well.   George did lose to an count out.   However Randy would lose the title in possibly one of the greatest matches in WM history.

8- Vs. Andre The Giant Saturdays Night Main Event 1988.


Post WrestleMania IV The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBasie and Andre The Giant.   Had a short feud with Randy and Hulk Hogan.   Hogan and Savage became The Mega Powers.   While Ted and Andre became The Mega Bucks.   Andre’s health was failing, but he still had a good match until late ’89.   He tried to come back in ’91, but another article for another time.   Anyway on an episode of SNME, Savage put his title on the line.   It was literally an David and Goliath match.

7 – Vs. Bret Heart Saturday Night’s Main Event 1987.


Again another great Saturday Night’s Main Event Match.   This is way back in ’87.   My memory is foggy, but I think this was post WrestleMania III.   I think it was due to the Savage Vs. Honky Tonk Man for the I.C. Title.   The Heart Foundation interfered and hit Savage over the head with an guitar.   So Savage, got his revenge wrestling Bret.   Bret was still a little “green,” then.   It would be two – three more years before he’d become The Excellence of Execution. It was a short match, but didn’t stink up the arena.  Ending with Bret’s manager The Mouth of The South, Jimmy Heart.  Using his trademark megaphone, as a weapon.   Jimmy tired to hit Savage in the head with it.   Savage ducked grabbed it and hit Bret in the Mellon with it.   It did show how Bret could hold himself in both Single and Main Event Matches.

6 – Vs. Yokozuna WWF Superstars 1993.

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Back in the 80’s – 90’s The WWF had both a Saturday and Sunday t.v. media magazine show.   Entitled Superstars and Wrestling Challenge.   Usually it would be an WWF Superstar Vs. an Jobber.   Once in a while you’d see an main event match. During the March to WM Nine.   WWF Title challenger Yokozuna had a few matches with Savage.   Both on T.V. on off.   Sadly Yoko would win due to his managers, Mr. Fuji’s interference.   Again, the matches didn’t stink up the arena.   Savage was nice enough to help newcomers.   Lasting close to Twelve minutes.  You always hoped that Fuji wouldn’t interfere and see Savage win.  Still it was exciting, to see Savage  knock the big guy off his feet every time.

5 – Vs. Hulk Hogan The Main Event 1990.


Savage and Hogan had an interesting feud.   It all came down to jealously.   After The Mega Powers exploded, there were several Savage/Hogan Matches.   Wrestlemania V was memorable, but the one I enjoyed was on The Main Event.   It was a shorter version of SNME airing  on Friday nights, lasting two years.   The big deal was that Iron Mike Tyson was supposed to referee.   However he lost to James “Buster” Douglas.   So Douglas was the referee.   He wasn’t as good as Tyson would eventually be at WM Fourteen.  My point is that this match was intense.  It would be Savages last shot at Hogan.   Hogan won the match fair and square.   But you gotta appreciate Savages way to sell the match.   He made it look, like even though it would be their last match.  It would go out with an bang.  Savage wouldn’t walk away with the title.   But two years later, he’d be rewarded.

4. Vs. Shawn Michales UK Rampage Tour 1992

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This is Post WrestleMania VIII.   A time when you could rent a-plenty Colosseum Home Videos.   I do recall coming across a video highlighting international tours.  Shawn Michales left the tag team division and repackaged himself as an potential main event-er.   Savage had Liz in his corner.   While Shawn had Sherri Martell in his corner.   Sherri was an former valet of Savage’s.   So it was also interesting to see Valet Vs. Valet.  Liz would pull Sherri’s hair and run away comically now and then.   Yet these matches did cement Shawn for success.  Shawn was proving to the fans that he could handle single competition.   As well as going one on one with Savage.   It’s an highly technical, acrobatic match.   One you’ll be able to find on either youtube or The WWE Network.

3- Vs. Ricky Steamboat WrestleMania III 1987

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I’d be tarred and feathered if I didn’t include this match.  Savage had to drop the title eventually.  If not to George Steel than to Ricky Steamboat.   It opens well, it handles itself well.   Savage sells how he’s not going to give that belt up without a fight.   But a few short years later, two other Macho Man matches would top this one.

2- Vs. Ultimate Warrior Wrestlemania VII 1991

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For some reason The Ultimate Warrior wouldn’t give Savage an title shot.   So at The 1991 Royal Rumble Savage cost The Warrior his title to Sgt. Slaughter.   WrestleMania VII featured an retirement match.   Savage was going to take some time off.   He wanted to spend it with Elizabeth.  So the match was unnecessary.  Since Savage would return a few short months later.  Lasting close to forty minutes, the highlight was when Savage used his finishing move five times.   Only to have The Warrior get up and defeat Savage.   Causing Savage’s current valet Sherri to turn on Savage.   Elizabeth was in the audience and rushed to an defeated Savage’s side.   The two kissed and made up.   Making it one of the most tear jerking moments in WWF history.

1- Vs. Ric Flair Wresltemania VIII 1992

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In late 1991, Hogan dropped the WWF Title.  To The Undertaker, and was ready to retire.   Post 1991 Survivor Series, there was an rematch.  However, there was  interference.  The title became vacant.  Whoever won  the 1992 Royal Rumble would be the new champ.   We fast forward to January 1992, and Flair is the winner.  Bottom line there were a lot of backstage politics, and drama.   So Randy Savage was given the title shot.   An idiotic story line was  concocted that Elizabeth and Flair were once an item.   The r-e-a-l life fans called bullspit.   The r-e-e-l life fans didn’t know what to expect.   Flair threatened to show a erotic pic of Liz at WM VIII.   The picture was never shown, and never discussed again.   Randy Savage not only wanted to win the title.  But wanted to defend his wife’s honer as well.   Making it, one of the most intense matches at the time.  Flair got his head busted open.   Causing his blood to stain his bleached hair.   Savage was put in a figure four leg lock.   Only to get out of it, and win with an healthy leg.   Elizabeth got to slap The Nature Boy, around for a few minutes.   Savage was crowned the title, for a second time.   There was much rejoicing.

So that’s my top ten, remember these are just my own personal opinions.   They do not reflect The Geekcast Radio Network, or their affiliates.   I was considering The Jake Roberts Feud.  As well as the SummerSlam ’88 match. There are so many, but I digress what are your favorite matches?   Like the list, have an disagreement?   Feel free to leave a comment below.   Until then, I’m gonna snap into a Slim Jim.   Oh Yeah Dig it?

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  1. Oh my god. I would have staged a riot if Savage vs. Flair and Savage vs. Warrior were not #1 and #2 respectively. Those two back-to-back Wrestlemanias were Savage at his best, and he brought out the best in his opponents.

    I remember being disappointed that the changed the main event of Wrestlemania VIII, but in the end, it was so worth it. Flair and Savage was a CRAZY match, with Mr. Perfect getting involved, and Liz coming to the ring. And then the audience blew the roof off that place (wait, was there a roof???) when Savage pinned Flair.

    And the year prior against the Warrior was just as insane. One of the most brilliant face-turns in company history. Savage was face-down on the mat after losing, and he turned babyface in that moment. Meanwhile, Liz throws Sherri out of the ring, to a huge audience reaction. People were crying when Liz and Randy reunited. Absolutely brilliant.

    And let’s not forget that in the case of BOTH matches, we had the legendary play-by-play team of Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, and their chemistry together has never been surpassed, in my opinion. It makes watching both of those matches so much more worth it.

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