Review of Gotham Episode Arkham Spoilers

If only Arkham or the Balloonman  were attached to the pilot.   It would’ve made more sense for a two hour pilot.   Still, I’m just gong to say that the Wayne’s murder was no accident.  At this point I know that there are two crime families fighting for control of Gotham.   The Falcones and the Maronies.   We also get the hows and whys of the logic behind Arkham getting reopened.   As well as low income housing around the area.   It’s all about real estate.

We also got a flavor of the week villain.   A hit man named Gladwell, who uses a device where a knife pops out of an eyepiece.   He spent most of the time, wiping out Gothams  councilmen.   It didn’t matter who was supporting either Maroni or Falcone.   It also didn’t explain who was paying Gladwell to put out the hits.  Gotham is corrupt and so on and so forth.


What’s worse was, what’s the backstory on Gladwells device.   Did he handcraft it?   Did he purchase it?  Why was he the way he was?   We don’t know, because spoiler…he’s gunned down.  So…yeah…so much for Gladwell that ends well I suppose.  Also by day he had a desk job working as a Human Resources employee?   HUH?   Also you’re telling me the way to find him was to bribe an inmate at Blackgate Prison?  WTF?   Let’s move on shall we?

On to the two main attractions tonight.   Oswald and Fish Mooney.   First of all Oswald is moving on up in Gotham.   He was able to get some goons to stage a robbery, at Maroni’s restaurant.  Oswald comes off as saving some money.   His boss gets shot in the crossfire, and Maroni makes Penguin the new manager.   What a way to get a promotion.   Problem is if Gotham is corrupt…why should he trust the goons that robbed the joint.   Well Penguin makes sure to dispose of his “hired help.”   He also keeps the money that they stole.  So now he has some cash.


Fish Mooney decided to hold tryouts for a new singer.  When in actually she’s looking for someone to seduce  Falcone and kill him.   This way Fish can control the Falcone family.  Problem was these scenes had pros and cons.   We get two hopeful singers.   Then Fish asks the women to pretend she is a man.   So she can see if they can seduce somebody.  Finally the two girls are taken to the pier forced to fight to the death….WTF?   I dunno if it was taken a page from The Dark Knight, (you know that Joker tryout scene).


It took a few minutes to sink in, after rewatching the episode I’m behind it.   I get what Fish’s plans are.  I just wish the girl on the right would’ve won.   However if the T.V. show will follow the Nolan continuity, then Fish will be belly up soon.   Regarding the actors playing the Crime Dons.   Maybe I’m spoiled, but I prefer the actors from the Nolan films, but that’s just me.

Fein-al Thoughts

This episode was all over the place.  It was one of those blink and you’d miss it.   Here’s the thing, I don’t know what the show should be.  Does it want to have comic book logic or realism?  It has to be one or the other not both.  Combinations are hard, and I hope it is going more comic book logic.  It would help keep my sanity.    Also who will be running Arkham?  Hugo Strange?  One could hope,  we saw more pre Riddler.  I still think the actor is way too creepy.   As in I don’t want him near any ice cream trucks, playgrounds, ect.   We also got some more Barbara and Jim conflicts.  We learn of her past, and know they won’t last…well in comic book and The Nolan universe anyway.  Bruce and Jim bonding was always a treat…still we get it.   Bruce will become Batman someday…and maybe when the movie is rebooted five more times, he’ll grow into the Batman role.


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