Review of Gotham Episode Harvey Dent (Spoilers)

I’m not sure what the point was to name the episode Harvey Dent?   Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s making an appearance.   I also like the actor.   Two-Face has always been the most “complex,” character.   He’s someone who had problems making decisions.  So he had no choice but to depend on the fate of a coin flip.  If you’ve watched the D.C.A.U. he repressed his anger, as a child.   Because of that, a dark side was being created.     On the outside he’s the white night.   On the inside he has a dark side.   Tonight we did  see “Big Bad Harv,” seeping through.


But enough of that , the episode focused more on Selena Kyle’s story.   As well as The G.C.P.D. searching for a mad bomber.  Who what bombs at midnight.   Or something to that effect.   Apparently, he was headed to Blackgate.   Only to be captured by Falcone’s clan to attack Maroni’s turf.  Penguin also made an appearance.   As he broke into Liza’s apartment, and found about her and Falcone.   Unfortunately those scenes didn’t pay off either.   Sure Penguin now owns Liza, but so what?   We’re one episode away from the Fall season finale and I just didn’t see any payoffs.   Just a cliffhanger regarding Jim’s and Barbara’s relationship.   As well as, Selena Kyle allowed to stay at Wayne Manor.   Because she saw the face of The Wayne’s assassin.


Before I started to sit down and write said review, I flipped a coin.  Heads I’d give the episode a second viewing.   Give it a second chance if you will.   Tails I’d give it a negative review and leave it  at that.   Yet, on a professional side I’m going to meet this episode half way.   What saves it, are the Bruce/Alfred/Selena moments.   Realistically if Selena saw the face of Thomas and Martha Wayne’s killer, her life isn’t worth squat.   No one would think of her residing at Wayne Manor.   Unless, a corrupt cop tipped someone off.   I also liked the early stages of Bruce’s training.   One scene we saw Bruce spar with Alfred.


It’s nice to see the two bond.   Also, maybe it’s me but Selena interrupted  the sparing.   Kind of reminds me of the Andrea interrupting Bruce while training scene  in Mask of the Phantasm.   It’s nice to see what the series is trying to do with eight year old Bruce.   Alfred also scored a nice line reading.  Calling Selena a “Cheeky little minx.”   I also liked how Bruce and Selena meet in this universe.   It’s a better how do you do than Batman Returns.   But not as good as Batman’66.   Again, we’ll just call it even.

The episode also ended up with Barbara getting back with Montoya.   Again, I don’t remember Barbara being Bi-sexual.   And yet, I don’t care.   Other than her giving birth to Batgirl, I do not care for this character.   I can’t recall any Gotham fan that has.   In all honestly Barbara (Batgirl), could have appeared as Jim’s niece.   I mean it didn’t work for Batman and Robin, but maybe Gotham.   Because I can’t remember when Barbara has been a key element in this series.

Fein-Al Verdict

The G.C.P.D. mad bomber plot had one important point.   Since Arkham was being rebuilt/reopened.  It gave an excuse to send several-hundred  Blackgate prisoners there.   After all we got The Balloon Man, and others in the first few episodes.   So The Mayor had to give in eventually.   I wonder who will be running it?    It was nice to see Selena and Bruce share their schoolboy/girl crush.   I’m sure there is a reason to give Harvey little screen time.   True Batman fans, know what he’s all about.   We saw him both sweet and sour, and it didn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth.

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