Review of Gotham Episode What The Little Bird Told Him (Spoilers)

Last night I watched the “supposed,” last attempt of the Fish/Falcone take over.   Needless to say it was the most disappointing attempt ever.   I’m not saying they are going to kill Fish off.   But, where is she going to go?  I saw scenes for next week.   She’s tied up and about to be mutilated.    We’re not sure about her second in command Butch.   Also now that Don Maroni has an idea about Penguin’s “loyalty.”   Where does that leave Penguin?


Since the series premiere, Fish has wanted to run the Falcone crime family.   By the time episode three rolled around.   I thought Jada Pinkett Smith, was channeling her inner Ertha Kitt.  Instead her “grand plan,” was to hire a girl.   A girl that looked like The Don’s mother.   A girl that instead of killing the Don.   Fell in love with him.   The problem was, we rarely saw them together.   Not to mention what Liza’s and Falcone’s relationship really was.


Was he in love with Liza?   Did he think of her as a daughter?   I just felt like the script just wrapped up what it could.   It didn’t matter, because this arc was over by tonight.   Basically The Penguin told The Don, that Liza was a plant.   Falcone couldn’t believe it was true.   After all Liza was kidnapped in broad daylight.   Fish calls the Don and tells him, she had “her friends,” save Liza.   I don’t know what Fish was taught from Falcone.   But did she really think The Don was that dumb?


Not to mention after wanting to kill him for the past several episodes.   She changed her mind and decides to force him to leave town?   Take that in for a minute.  Her grand scheme was a faked kidnapping?  Now she did, instruct Liza to leave with Falcone.   And continue to string him along.   But for how long?   Where was this “stringing,” going to stretch?   Falcone was going to retire, (much to Victor Zazz’s dismay).   But he had a change of heart due to Liza.

Liza was instructed to kill Falcone.   But she had a change of heart, because he’s nice to her.   Fish won’t kill out of respect.   Thankfully things didn’t go as planned.   Falcone did believe Penguin.   Causing the last five – ten minutes to be the most intense.   Liza, was strangled to death.   Fish and Butch were taken away.   And Penguin is starting to rise, yet again.   Honestly I don’t think watching scenes where The Don.  And Liza were on a farm somewhere.   Plotting to take back his empire, would work.   I think this poor excuse of an takeover was deader than Liza.   Good riddance, because Liza was nice to look at.   But that’s it, her performance was flat and character was useless.

She lacked any confidence working for an crime syndicate.   Not to mention strength or courage.  Her first appearance had her come off, as a threat.   After that she transitioned to being scared and mousy quickly.   Well at least another useless character is written off.   She will not be missed.   Which is another problem I have with the series.  Characters are either built up for one – three episodes.   Then killed off, for the sake of what exactly?   Ratings?   In order for me to be invested in a character, I need more.   What is he/she like?   Give me something of their back-story.    What are thier M.O.’s?

If you’re a fan of Batman, you know a percentage of these characters.   If you’re not or forgotten the z-list of characters.   Then you’re either going to be confused or pissed off. Which is where I’m at this point.   The second problem is, the series to dumping too many characters too fast, too soon.   One episode we get Harvey Dent.   Then we get Dr. Tompkins.  Ok, we get it.   It’s a D.C./Batman series.   However, it doesn’t give other characters room to breathe.   Not to mention sub-plots come and go.   Like either seven minute vignettes.   Or a two – five minute student film.

Case in point, The Barbara/creepy parents scene.   Her parents are creepy.   They’re not mysterious or kooky.   Do they even love her?   All we know is that she had no where to go.   Shows up to an mansion.   The butler answers the door.   Doesn’t recognize/know her.     Her parents are like, you can stay for a few days.   And, just sipping tea in the parlor.   They don’t care if she’s still with Jim.   Or if they are really happy.   Did David Lynch secretly direct this scene?   No point other than her parents are cold and unsympathetic.


Oh, and more creepy Edward/Kringle scenes.   He tired to give her a cupcake with a bullet in it.   The riddle is that’s she is sweet and dangerous?   Or something to that effect.   It was a nice attempt to flirt.  Edward is starting to grow on me.   So there was some smart casting for Edward after all.   Ms. Kringle is a G.C.P.D. file clerk I believe.   Only to have Detective Flass, chase Ed away.  I don’t know where it will go.   If you know me, I’m on team Riddler.   The scene was short and sweet.   Didn’t stink up the room, and hoping to see more Eddie.


Onto the whole  Electrocutioner plot.   Character actor Christopher Heyerdahl last time channeled his inner Hannibal Lecter.  This time he channeled his inner Robert Enguland.   Not that was a bad thing.   He still gave his speak softly, and carry a big stick.  Or in this case a machine on his chest.   That will shoot out electricity.   Accompanied by an goon with a battery.   Apparently The Electrocutioner, can perform electro-botomies?   It was cool for him to go to his old hide out.   And get revenge on an owner of an electronics store.   Forcing him to write “I will not betray my friend.”  Over and over again.


It did feel like something out of an ’80’s horror flick.   The problem was the M.O.   He wanted revenge on Don Maroni due to a botched bank heist?   Causing the G.C.P.D. to protect The Don.  Until Jack showed up.   Then it came off as a video game cut scene. Jim is wearing rubber soles (thanks to Edward’s advice).  He’s immune to the electricity. Then he just takes a cup of water and shorts out Jack’s equipment?  I’m almost waiting for The Mentos jingle to pop up.   Granted Jack got to live to wreck havoc for another day.

The Fein-Al Verdict.

This episode/series is just sloppy.  I know, character development, story structure, ECT.  The story arc’s have little to no pay off.   Between the whole Jim/Barbara fiasco.  Fish Mooney, and whatever happens over at Wayne Manor.   The series is just too clustered.   There’s chemistry between actors/characters now and then. Other times, I can’t get behind Penguin.  The Dons, The G.C.P.D. and the happenings at Arkham.

Speaking of new characters Peter Scolari played Commissioner Loeb.  It wasn’t a great performance.   It felt like Mayor “McSweaty,” was split into two.   He’s just as slimy and corrupt as The Mayor.   We got the whole Jim is nothing like his father speech.   But what was the point?    Also Jim and Bullock don’t act too much like cops.   They seem to find all the clues through happenstance.  As well as capturing the bad guys the same way.   I never see any real detective work, like N.C.I.S. or criminal minds.   That’s another problem, I like The Sopranos/Gotham hybrid.  I wish there would be a Criminal Mind/Sherlock Hybrid.

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