Review of Gotham Episode Lovecraft (Spoilers)

So Gotham is still a little cluttered.   I still think Batman would be better as a T.V. show than a film franchise.   I also still think that some characters are useless, and others getting little screen time aren’t helping.   Shifting from Penguin, and the opposing crime families – Selena and Bruce worked.   They’re fun to watch and have great chemistry.   I just wish either Fish or Penguin would just taken over already.   As for the G.C.P.D. and The M.C.U. their cases and chemistry are just not there for me.



We did get to see  Lesley-Ann Brandt’s Copperhead steal the show.   For those of you who are unfamiliar with the character.   Copperhead is a paid assassin  Lesley-Ann Brandt’s  You may be familiar with the character from the Arkham City game or Justice League cartoon from Cartoon Network.   Its an underrated character, and I’m glad she’s going to return someday.   With her able to twist and turn her body like a snake.   Array of toxins and weapons, followed by some great line reads.    I’m intrigued what she’ll do for an encore.


Pretty much Harvey Dent’s anger/arrogance almost caused Bruce’s and Selena’s life.   Since Gordon is still wondering who killed the Wayne’s.   Selena was told to stay at Wayne Manor, until the trail.   Since she knows who the real killer is.   We also know one or both crime families were responsible for their deaths.   Why else would Copperhead be called in?   We also got to see Alfred kick butt and take names.    This isn’t the first time that Wayne Manor was invaded.   It also won’t be the last.   I do love this version of Alfred since he was a “Man of the World,” before becoming The Wayne’s butler.


The home invasion did cause Selena and Bruce to hide in Gotham.   And the city never looked seedier.   We also saw another appearance of Ivy.   If you recall in the pilot her father was the supposed killer of The Wayne’s.   It’s caused her mother to kill herself, and becoming  an runaway.   The problem is that Ivy’s scenes didn’t make sense.   Her ticks and “who, what do you mean?”  Felt like she belonged on another show/film.

As for the cliffhanger, Gordon was demoted to an Arkham security guard.   He was unable to save the shows title  character Lovecraft.   He had evidence regarding the Wayne’s murder.   But due to Gordon not able to defeat Copperhead.   As well as Dent disclosing some info that was supposed to meant for himself and Gordon.   Mayor McSweaty (get it)?   Decided that Gordon needed a lesson on humility, I guess.   To me it makes sense, Gordon will learn how the criminally insane works.   Since Bruce is training, and Gordon’s refusal to quit.   Gotham will heal eventually.

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Lovecraft and Insanity go Great Together

Selena and Bruce had some great moments on surviving. The Wayne's Home invasion/Alfred kicking ass was awesome. More Copperhead Please.

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