Review of Gotham Episode The Mask (Spoilers)

Besides the whole Falcone Vs. Maroni blood feud.   We’re getting an introduction to the Sionis family.   As well as the introduction to The Black Mask.  The theme to tonight’s episode was secrets.   As in everyone has a secret.  The Mob families knew secretly with the Wayne s alive, they were “healing,” Gotham.   Fish Mooney has a secret.   Penguin is doing his best to obtain said secrets.


The Fight Club story was bizarre…but since Gotham is starting to turn into…well GOTHAM.  I’m ok with the cities metamorphosis.   It’s being hinted that with Thomas and Martha Wayne dead.   It gives not only the criminal world to thrive.  But the criminally insane to rise up and take back the city.  It’ll take years for Bruce to don the cape and cowl.   I still wonder what this Gotham will be by that time…


…I also wonder what these rogues will be like in this Gotham as well.   Penguin’s rising is always a treat…I’m not set on this Catwoman.   It doesn’t matter plays her in the 21st century.   Julie Newmar was/is Catwoman not because she’s sexy, but sexy and fun/funny.   Since Julie Newmar…I’ve never been satisfied with anyone else wearing the catsuit.   So even when Gotham’s Catwoman grows up…it still won’t work for me.


As I’ve said before, young Bruce has potential to be an grown up Batman.   I have even started to like Alfred in this series.   He’s trying to act like foster father and friend.   Tonight Bruce had to deal with a bully.   Why?  Because Bruce has been sheltered since his parents death.   Alfred felt that Bruce needed some socialization.  And going to a prep school instead of being home schooled made sense.   But…ohhh that bully, Bruce couldn’t fight back.   Until Alfred stepped in, and will provide step one in Bruce’s training.


Why did we need a Bruce getting bullied by a prep school snob?   I guess because non-batman fans need to see Bruce fight?   Because we haven’t been reminded that he will become Batman enough.   Because in hindsight we’d like to see his training…but not at eight.   I dunno, I wanted to enjoy these scenes.   It made Alfred into a stronger character…but this felt like something out of the film A Christmas Story.

Fein-Al Verdict

Last week’s episode was tight.   Now we’re going back to basics.   I’m not going to shave off a lot of points.   Just a few.  It’s still watchable, don’t get me wrong.  Fish is secretly after Falcone because he hurt her mother.   Or the real secret is, Fish is…Ertha Kitt Catwoman.   Bruce is angry, but secretly he’s planning to become the cities savior with Alfred’s help.   The G.C.P.D. is corrupt, but secretly Jim Gordon is giving them a reason to change.   Despite that Ass-Hat speech by Bullock.   Secretly we haven’t seen the last of Black Mask.

Next week we get Harvey Dent…and his secrets.

It’s no secret that I think Barbara is worthless…in this series anyway.


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Everyone's Got a Secret

Interesting set up for The Black Mask/Sioins Clan. This Alfred is what this Gotham needs. The scenes with Carol Kane/Fish are great...but I feel that the writers don't know how to write for some of the other female characters...especially Barbara.

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