Review of Gotham Episode Penguins Umbrella (Spoilers)

Oh episode six what took you so long?   First of all Barbara and Bullock are useless in this series.   However I’m not going to shave points off tonight.   No I’m done with both of these characters.   What made me decide to give this episode an solid five is…Penguin, Fish,  Falacone, and Victor.   Solid intense performance all around, and a great game of Cat and Mouse?   Bird and Fish?   Well we do know where Penguin’s  loyalties  lie.


First off, everyone and I mean everyone now knows Gordon didn’t kill Oswald.   Meaning that Maroni won’t protect Jim for some reason.   Falcone is upset that Jim lied about killing Cobblepot.   Fish thinks that Falcone is suffering from old age.   But in the end, none of that seems to matter.   But I’m getting ahead of myself.   First after Jim won’t go with Falcone’s goons for a sit down.   Falcone sends in Victor Zsasz.


For those who are unfamiliar with him, he kills people.   Then notches his Vict-ory. on his skin.  This leads to an intense shoot out between Gordon and Victor at the G.C.P.D.    The good news is that Jim is finally getting support from Gotham’s M.C.U.   Montoya and Allen are finally starting to work with Jim, not against him.   Sadly a good portion of The G.C.P.D. high tailed it after Victor asked them nicely.


There’s of course that subplot were Falcone uses Barbara as a crutch to get Jim to back off.   It’ll take some time, but in the end we all know what’ll happen to both Mob Bosses.   Fans were debating on Barbara’s choices.   If she didn’t go to Falcone to beg him not to kill Jim, Falcone would’ve killed him anyway.   On the other hand Harvey and Jim would’ve died as heroes, if they took Falcone….down? ……  I’m not too sure.   0

On the other hand, Penguin thinks of Jim as a friend.   Because Jim saved Penguins life twice in the series.   So I’m not too sure if Penguin likes to idea of having on honest cop on his side…or not…Let’s just say it was nice to have Penguin return the favor.   As in we found out that Penguin is acting as a double agent for Falcone.  As in spare me and my friends lives and I’ll be the best darn snitch ever.   And you know what?   Penguin is a man of his word.   He gave away The Russians and Fish’s romance.   It’s a shame Fish’s lover was killed off  screen…still that’s Gotham for you.

Fein-al Thoughts

You may need a pen and paper…bottom line there’s going to be a war.   I’m not too sure if Penguin is playing one Mob boss over the other.   We did see how he paid Maroni’s Goons more to kill   Maroni’s number…one…guy.   We did see how he’s pretending to make nice with Fish.   We can see it in his face/eyes that he will transition from the best darn snitch to Mob Boss.   The G.C.P.D. shoot out was a blink and you’ll miss it  fun affair.   It was visually breathtaking.   Bruce and Alfred weren’t needed in this episode.   Still it was nice to see Bruce and Jim continuing their report.


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