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Of all the prequel origins I saw this season.   The best has to be Scarecrow’s.   After all it is the most tragic.   You’d think that it was just his curiosity with phobias.   Granted that part is true.   But we got to meet Scarecrow’s father.   Again, you don’t meet many of the villains family members.  It’s a shame, that Jonathan’s father died.  But will we about to see the torch passed soon?   Highly unlikely, since this is (all together now) a prequel.


I do like the idea, that Gerald Crane.  Was killing people, and using their glands.   To create the famous fear toxin.   Unlike Scarecrow, Gerald was trying to cure fear.   Of course batman fans are familiar.  With the animated series episode.  Where Scarecrow was able to rid people of their fear.   And Batman came close to killing Scarecrow.   He did kill an alligator.   But let’s get back to the matter at hand.   You see Gerald Crane felt guilt.   He told the G.C.P.D. that his wife died in a car wreck.


In actually she died in a house fire.  He did experiment on himself.   And what we the viewer got.   Was a typical Scarecrow mind F&*(.   Seeing images of the late Ms. Crane on fire.  Belittling Gerald for not saving her.  Gerald not being able to overcome both fear and guilt.  Making it one of the best scenes of the episode.   It’s not just putting the Crane family on T.V.   We’re getting the hows and whys of an classic D.C. character. You know a little something called “character development.”


Speaking of characters, how about Oswald?  Well we know last week.  Don Maroni called him on his bull-spit.  After he escaped Maroni and his goons.  Don Falcone decided that The Penguin could still be an asset.   The logic and rational is that The Penguin’s  sneakiness can be of value.  Or something to that affect.   Penguin was also rewarded Fish’s old club.  Which Penguin called Oswald’s.   Why not The Iceberg Lounge?  Well I guess we the fans, have to wait for that too.

As for the subplots?   Well I’m going to treat this series like a comic.   You know how at the end, of the main story?   You get a eight – ten page add on story?   That’s how the sub plots pay off.   Sometimes the main story will intersect with the B or C plot.   But you get the idea.   Both Bruce’s and Fish’s story.  Should have been told, towards the last twenty minutes.   Because neither had anything to do, with tonight’s episode.  Now granted the theme dealt with fear.   Just like last week’s episode.


Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the Alfred/Bruce scenes.   I’ve stated over and over again.   How this Alfred is one of my favorites.   At this point (dare I say), the definitive Alfred.   From the pilot – present he transitioned.   From former British thug.   To surrogate father figure.  The actors for both Bruce and Alfred have grown on me.  I’ve also stated that I’m crossing my fingers.   That these two will transition to an big screen version of Batman.   Fifteen years from now of course.  The story dealt with Bruce taking a hike around Wayne Manor.   Alfred, allowed Bruce to go on his merry way.   Bruce of course had his “tumbles,” now and then.  At the end of it all.  Alfred was never far behind, W/campfire ready.   A very touching and serene moment for the two.

The Fein-Al Verdict

I’m “fearful,” that the writers wrote themselves into a corner.   Don Maroni wanted to kill Penguin.  Because he was a spy for Don Falcone.   Don Falcone paid off Maroni 200,000.  And a judge who screwed Maroni.  Problem is what did this judge character do?   He was just placed for convince?  I get that Falcone has taken a shine to Oswald.   I get that Falcone wants to redecorate Fish’s old club.   Giving it to Oswald as a reward makes sense.   Until Don Maroni shows up and informs Oswald once Falcone goes.   All bets are off.   We also get the blocking where Penguin is pouring Campaign.   The blocking/framing made it look like The Penguin wet ’em.   As for Fish, she was placed in some underground prison.

Using fear as a weapon.   She intimidated, a few inmates.   As well as killing the so called leader of the prison.   Or whatever his role was supposed to be.  His name was Mace, Fish stabbed him.   That’s pretty much it.   She’ll continue to go all Starscream.   Or (fingers crossed), meet up with Selena.   And Ivy, and they’ll become Gotham City Sirens.  I’m only shaving off half a point.   For the Fish scenes, she didn’t have much to do.   Other than going all Starscream/The Governor.   And we all know what happened to those two.   On the other hand, with an episode dealing with fear.   The characters didn’t disappoint.

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Fear Not

Alfred acting like a surrogate father. The meeting between Riddler and The Penguin was comedy gold. Great Scarecrow origin story.

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