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Ok…everyone clam the f#$% down now.   First of all I wanted to make it clear that I wasn’t impressed with the pilot.   I still feel that some actors shouldn’t play certain roles.   I also feel that a few actors are phoning in their performances.   Still I have high hopes for Jada Pinkett Smith.   She seems to be challenging her inner Ertha Kitt.   Regarding tonight’s episode I didn’t want to her to shut up.  Maybe it was me, but there were times she was purring like a cat in mid sentences.   Wouldn’t it be great if she becomes an Catwoman and trains  Selena Kyle in this series?

I complained about Jada Pinkett Smith in the pilot. Now I can't get enough of her.
I complained about Jada Pinkett Smith in the pilot. Now I can’t get enough of her.

There’s a callback to the pilot where she’s trying to overthrow Gotham mob boss Falcone.   When he comforts her at the nightclub it is an intense conversation.   When he leaves, she orders both customers  and staff out.   Maybe it’s me but she also acts like Michelle Pfeiffer,  from Batman Returns.   We also get to see how Robin Lord Taylor is trying to rise in Gotham’s underworld as well.   He rents out a trailer outside of the city.  Ready to become a name to be reckoned with.

Word to the wise don't tell him he looks like a penguin...your nose could be gushing blood.
Word to the wise don’t tell him he looks like a penguin…your nose could be gushing blood..or worse

What I know from the Penguin in both comics and T.V. is that he’s looking for social acceptance.   He can come off as an gentleman until you push “the wrong buttons.”  Tonight’s cold opening dealt with him hitchhiking, after he got banished from Gotham.   He gets picked up by two college kids.   They make fun of him…and well we’re witnessing his zero tolerance policy.   This is why I feel the show should have been based on him.   The Batman mythology has been discussed for 75 years. There have been origin stories regarding certain characters.   Oswald Cobbelpot would’ve worked as a Gotham/Sopranos series just saying.

Regarding tonight’s episode it dealt with children being kidnapped and being sent to “The Dollmaker.”   He sends two goons pretending to be part of The Mayor’s homeless outreach program.   Selena turns out to be one of the kids, who escapes.   For a pre Batman Gotham…this caper is intriguing  One of the many problems that I still have is Donal Logue as Bullock.  I still want to make it clear.  I don’t hate the man.  I don’t want him to go away.   I just can’t picture him as Bullock.  Maybe I was spoiled by character actor Robert Costanzo.   I’ve seen the man in person, and there could have been a way makeup or C.G.I -wise to age him down.

It’s just when Donal tries to interrogate an teenage boy who escapes his kidnapper…Bullock doesn’t come off as intimidating.   Whether  it’s supposed to be an young Bullock or not.   I do want to apologize to actor Ben McKenzie.   I can see him as a young Jim Gordon.   I’m hoping if there is a season two he’ll grow an mustache.   Let’s not forget character actor Richard Kind as The Mayor.   Richard has always come off as “the sweaty guy.”   I hope we get more of him in future episodes.

Richard Kind portrays The Mayor in this series. I hope there are more scenes of him in future episodes.
Richard Kind portrays The Mayor in this series. I hope there are more scenes of him in future episodes.

I love how once Jim and Bullock are able to rescue the kidnapped children, The Mayor has an idea.   He plans to send them upstate to an “Foster Community.”   In reality it’s Juvenile Hall…but we already know how corruption pre Batman Gotham can be.  The point is even when you think that Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock have solved the case…they haven’t.   So goes life in Gotham.    There is a small subplot of how Bruce Wayne is trying to deal with the loss of his parents.

She doesn't talk much. However Camren Bicondova is much more fun to watch than last weeks episode.
She doesn’t talk much. However Camren Bicondova is much more fun to watch than last weeks episode.

Alfred doesn’t know how to be a parent, so he approaches Jim Gordon for advice.   Alfred feels that Bruce respects Jim, because he bonded with Bruce in Crime Alley.   The two actors do have great chemistry between each other.   Sealing their bond for “future consultations.”   This has been questioned for years.   Who is Bruce’s foster father?   Alfred or Jim, for GOTHAM’s universe I’m going to say Jim.   As for actor Camren Bicondova (Catwoman), last episode she just lurked…and lurked…and lurked.   I got it that she’s supposed to be a “street smart,” orphan.

The mythology works a little more in this universe.   There have been several origins of her story.   This one is satisfactory, and I like how she moves in and out of the shadows.   She has some great line reads towards the end of the episode.   I try to keep these reviews spoiler free, so I won’t give too much away.   The point is, she ranks up there with Emma Stone.   She’s fun to watch and is unpredictable.   One of my favorite moments is when she’s trying to escape a school bus, from The Dollmakers goons.

Fein-al Thoughts

I love the performances by several characters, including an cameo by Carol Kane.   I love how Oswald Cobblepot is trying to rise as an mob boss.   He has some of the best line reads.   Last week he failed to overthrow Fish Mooney.  This week he tried to pull of a simple kidnapping/ransom caper.   He’s failing, but he’s optimistic.    If GOTHAM gets cancelled, I hope there is a Penguin spin off.     He’s up there with Burgess Meredith, Danny Devito, and  Nolan North, as the iconic character.  Also there were discussions on Arkham being reopened…bring it on.   Maybe we’ll get Dr. Hugo Strange in this series.   After all he has been an old nemesis of Batman.   He is obsessed with Batman.   Wouldn’t it be great if he’s intrigued how Bruce is handling his P.T.S.D.?   And if Corey Burton plays him?   The good news is that episode four will deal with Arkham, so you never know.


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Tonight's episode wasn't kitty litter.

Solid performances by Jada Pinkett Smith, Robin Lord Taylor, Richard Kind, Dollmakers Goons, and Carol Kane. Some great chemistry with Gordon and Bruce. The mention of Arkham Asylum reopening...

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