Review of Gotham Episode Viper (Spoilers)

I can’t begin to tell you how close I was to giving this episode an solid five review.   Granted Gotham  is looking better and better.   It also answered my question on the tone of the series.   It’s trying to utilize both comic book logic and realism.   It also answers my question that Batman works better as a T.V. series and not a film series.   On T.V. characters get a chance to breath here and there.   Granted Christopher Nolan found a way, in The Dark Knight.   However it happened once, and once only.   Unless you count the 1966 film.


   The major reason I’m shaving off points, is due to “Killin’ The Villain of the Week.”   Stop killing them off, especially since Arhkam is being rebuilt.   We’re getting to see more corruption…like you’re so surprised.   Yet, this is no ordinary corruption.   It’s what’s happening inside Wayne Enterprises.   I still think this should be a “Year One,” series.   As in Bruce should be twenty one years old.  Also if anyone is going to save Gotham, (In this Universe), it’s Bruce/Batman.


I still don’t think there is chemistry between Gordon and Bullock in this universe.   Still I enjoyed Bullock chowing down…as he’s transitioning to the BTAS Bullock.   It also answered my questions how this Universe, will have nothing to do with the Nolan-Verse.   Fish Mooney has been training her weapon, into Falcone’s demise.

Penguin was just in the background, not that was a bad thing.   Batman didn’t go toe to toe with The Joker every week.   The parking lot meeting with Falcone, Fish and company was predictable.   It took me two minutes to realize that The Russian and Fish were an item.  Not that there wasn’t bad dialogue between the two…man If only Fish was Eartha Kitt Catwoman…oh well.

I also appreciated how the writers, took time to show Fish training her protege.   We see that seducing Falcone will not be easy.   However one major problem is that, if Penguin tried to take Fish down…why is Falcone  trusting, his own people or an  complete stranger?   Why  at the end of the episode does Falcone feel safe to be out and around?   With no protection and being sheepish towards Liza?


Another intresting subplot was Penguin confessing to Maroni how he used to work for Falcone.   It doesn’t go the way Penguin plans, and Gordon has to be brought in to save his life and Cobblepot’s.   I still think Eric Roberts, was a better Maroni.  David Zayas is a little too over the top for me.   I still get how Maroni wants to get a straight story for Gotham’s only “straight cop.”   The scene works, and until Batman shows up…Maroni, Penguin and Gordon are now BFF’s.

We’re also getting an origin of the Venom toxin, that Bane will use years from now.   At first I thought this would be an Madhatter Episode.   Since we get an drug addict playing a guitar with a sign, “Why Lie, I need the money for Drugs.”   A mysterious man hands the user a bottle with “Breath Me,” on the bottle.   The users then hallucantes, to me it felt like an early Jervis Tetch experiment.

Then the addict wonders into a gorcery store to chug down milk, and calling the owner a mortal.  So then I’m thinking it’s a Maxie Zeus episode?   Stupid me green smoke was entering the person’s nostrils.   Followed by unbelievable strength.   So, out of all three story lines in tonight’s episode…drum-roll please…they all worked.

Fein-al Thoughts

David Mazouz had some more screen time as young Bruce.  I’m still crossing my fingers for him to play Batman years from now.   I loved how he was grilling a middle management Wayne Enterprises employee regarding Gotham’s new drug.   We got the fact that a “disgruntled employee,” was let go.  We get that he’s getting his revenge.   But that would be quick and easy, and in Gotham nothing is quick and easy.   It was stupid for another villain of the week to get bumped off.   ‘Cause that’s Tim Burton Batman, it shouldn’t be Gotham Batman.


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Jada Pinkett Smith was the true star tonight. A great way to bring in the Venom toxin. That memorable/tense Maroni/Gordon encounter.

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