Review of Gotham Episode Welcome Back Jim Gordon (Spoilers)

Last week I complained how Fish didn’t want Falcone assassinated.   After all for the first half of season one.   She stated that weakness can be your doom.   Yet, she turned the other check to let the old man live.   Because of this, her “lethal weapon,” Liza was chocked to death.   And Fish was taken to a warehouse.   Where an mafia surgeon  was going to “extract,” an apology.   Somehow her bodyguard Butch, who was left to die in a van.   Broke out, and found Fish’s whereabouts.   Again taking what could have been an shocking moment.   Only to piss on the viewers parade.


Butch came to her rescue, within fifteen minutes r-e-a-l time.   I understand this show is not on basic cable.   Still, these torture scenes were well torture.   Granted the Doctor tires to suffocate Fish with a plastic bag.   Only to have her  laugh it off.   He was about to use an drill.   Then Butch comes from behind and well, enough of that.   You see, the T.V. ads made it as if Fish was laughing off the drill.   She was actually laughing off the plastic bag.   Her hands and feet chained up.   Nowhere to go, she was in a situation.  That she couldn’t talk her way out of.  Not to mention Falcone will never trust her again.

Butch wants to get her out of Gotham.   She won’t leave until she kills Penguin.   Are we supposed to be on team Fish?  I’ve written in the past, several reasons why she works.   Here it’s like the writers have run into a wall with the character.    She has no mob support.   Falcone’s men will be after her, until she’s dead.   Can she team up with Don Maroni?   Who knows, who cares.   The writers didn’t take that idea into consideration.


Onto the next story, Penguin renovating Fish’s place.   I’m assuming that he was turning her nightclub into The Iceberg Lounge.   Which would make sense.   Don Falcone has given the Nightclub to Penguin.   As a way of saying thanks.   We get some scenes of Ms. Cobblepot.   Again what was the point of it all?   Just to see Carol Kane on screen would be great.   If she had something to say.   She’s speaking in a thick accent.   Being all Carol Kane-ish.   Penguin celebrating his becoming a somebody.   Yet, it just comes off as filler.   Not to mention the montage of Penguin getting drunk on both power and hooch.   At the end it came off as a waste of the character.

Then we get the return of Bruce Wayne and Alfred.   You see they were in the Alps.   AKA, the writers had too many characters to introduce too soon.   Anyway Bruce and Alfred are driving around midtown Gotham.   They run into Ivy, and bribe her $20.00 to give a message to Selena.   I do like how Alfred states that Ivy was suffering, from the mange.   Yet this actor that plays Ivy can’t act.   Or the writers don’t know what to do with her.   Other than Alfred making snide comments about her.   More waste of time and talent.

We also get Selena showing up to Wayne Manor.  Telling Bruce that she never saw his parents killers assassin.   This wasn’t a waste of time or talent.   It shows the cat and mouse relationship between Catwoman and Batman.  That they will have for years. How a cat likes to play with its food before it eats it.   It is a heartbreaking moment, but after Bruce has his cry-fest. It’s back to his detective work.


The Edward, Kringle, Flass story arc ended on a positive note.   Edward tried to give her a greeting card.   Along with his trivia about its history.   Which was rather interesting.   Flass got his hands on it, only to humiliate Edward in front of other cops.   Eventually Kringle not only felt sorry for Edward.   But took the card as an nice gesture.   They had a sweet moment sharing their feelings.  In a socially awkward-esque sort of way.   They’re not ready to date as of yet.   But you kind of wonder if/when he cracks in this series.   Will she be one of his Hench Wench’s?  I wish they had more screen time.   Then the whole Fish/Maroni crap for the past several weeks.

Oh and Jim Gordon was was disgraced a few weeks ago.   Then demoted to a security guard at Arkahm.    Then reinstated to Homicide Detective last week.   It was pointless, other than to introduce Dr. Leslie Tompkins.   Let’s not forget she and Jim were all smoochy last week.   Yet, we’re going to forget about that too.   Who knows what percentage of the  G.C.P.D. are corrupt?  Or how will Jim will protect the good cops?  From the cops that are “protected?”  Just makes my head hurt.   Apparently, there is a murder in a warehouse.   Jim and Bullock, find a janitor that is an witness.   The janitor is willing to talk to a sketch artist.   The Janitor is at the G.C.P.D. waiting to talk to the artist.   An unknown man, comes from behind and stabs the janitor in the back with an ice-pick.


Wait it gets more idiotic,  the security cameras were turned off.   So Jim has to go to Penguin to ask for a favor.   Because Internal Affairs has ruled an ice-pick in the back to be an suicide.   HOW CORRUPT, and PROTECTED ARE THE G.C.P.D?   Ok, go to youtube and search for the SNL Landshark sketch.   Where victims are being eaten by this Landshark.   Only to cut to two SNL cast members performing an autopsy.   One turns to the other and says.  “This person didn’t die by falling out of a tree.”  That’s how I felt when Gordon, much like the audience.   Wanted to scream at the  Internal Affairs determination.   All because Detective Flass, and fellow G.C.P.D. officers are protected.

Thankfully Penguin’s bodyguard was able to get a real confession.   By showing up to an Detective Delaware’s apartment. After drowning his wife in a bathtub.   He records an confession on a cassette.   An cassette?   Whatever, I guess for nostalgia purposes.   What’s really sad, it doesn’t even matter what the main plot was about.   Just corrupt cops, frustrating  Jim.  Causing him to to turn to Penguin.   Well Detective Flass, was placed under arrest, in the G.C.P.D. no less.  Everyone sees how Gordon won’t back down.  There’s a twist ending to Jim’s deal with the Devil.   I don’t want to give that chestnut away.   As long as there was some sort of closure.


The Fein-al Verdict

This entire episode/series doesn’t know what it wants to be.  Comic book logic or r-e-a-l life logic.   It’s hoping to bring in D.C. fans and well that’s about it.   Other than an moment of Fish and Penguin out hamming each other.   After she has escaped the clutches of her torturer.   Only to have Victor chase Butch and Fish through the Club.  Fish gets away and now Butch will be Victor’s “playmate.”   I’ll admit, when Victor is on screen I get an rush.   Sadly it’s not enough for me.   And what of Fish’s fate you may ask?  Well there is  another plot twist.   But I’m not ready to scream at the WTF G-d’s just yet.

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