Review of Gotham Rogues Gallery (Semi-Spoilers)

A brand new year, with it comes the second half of season one.   When we last left Gordon, he was demoted to a prison guard in Arkham.   A lot of fans rolled their eyes, thinking this was more filler.   Not to mention “Barbie Doll,” Barbara Gordon going back to her ex.   As well as more Selena Kyle and Ivy scenes.  Not to mention Fish trying, and trying, and well trying to take over the Falcone crime syndicate.   But let’s get into the main event, Gordon in Arkham.   And the introduction to Dr. Leslie Tompkins.


Gordon now has another partner, to help him “protect Gotham.”   While Bullock and the G.C.P.D. will not be cast aside entirely.   We’re getting to see the hows and whys regarding Arkham’s grand re-opening.   The interiors do come off as your typical haunted house tourist attraction.   I was almost waiting to see your stereotypical Dr. with a lab coat and glasses.   Instead we get Nurse Duncan that is dressed like something out of the 1940’s.   She’s played by actress, Allyce Beasley.   She does her best, providing her Didi Cohen impersonation.   While acting like, something’s not that right about her.   She’s a little too empathetic towards the inmates.   She’ll even defend a few, that have committed murders.


That’s a red flag right there.   If you ever worked it the mental health field, there is a huge code of ethics.   Usually it’s not smart to be one sided.   Especially if your title is below a higher authority figure.   Ninety Nine percent of the time you’d be written up or fired.   Well that’s Gotham for ya.   Let’s not forget the fact that the interior’s are crumbling,  and the limited staff.   Again that’s Gotham for you, anyway a riot erupts during rec time.   Not to mention keys from one of the guards have been snatched.   Causing Gordon to notice that some inmates look like they’ve been harmed in their cells somehow. The plot thickens when several patients have been victims to unauthorized electro shock therapy.


We get a montage of Gordon given a week to find out what’s going on.   While Gordon questions several inmates.  One of them is Christopher Heyerdahl who plays Jack Gruber.   He also gives an decent Dr. Hannibal Lecter performance.   It’s hard to tell if he’s channeling Sir Anthony Hopkins or not.   But he is creepy, highly articulate, and doesn’t sweat.  Oh F.Y.E. a liar never sweats, why you may ask?  A lair has time to come up with their story.   An honest person doesn’t have time to make up an cock and bull story.   Or what I was taught in my Abnormal Psychology class.


As for the sub plots?   Well they were sadly pointless.   First Fish Mooney is still trying to take over.   Which gives her right hand man Butch, to talk to his old friend for support.   Butch’s friend doesn’t think that Fish can work as the new replacement.   So we an typical Soparano/Gotham/Mafia whack job.   It’s a shame, because I wanted to see an better Butch story arc.   He’s transitioned from an goon, to an Lt. Yes there is a difference between the too, as far as I’m concerned.   Sadly it’s like the writers didn’t know how to write his scenes this week.   I’m hoping common sense prevails and he’ll get an second chance to have an better sub plot.


The second dealt with Selena, Ivy, Barbara and Montonya.    Pretty much Selena finds Ivy homeless.   They seek shelter in Jim’s and Barbara’s apartment (don’t ask).   I guess Jim is too busy being Jim.   And Barbara, is trying to find herself.   As I stated before if Barbara leaves, then Barbara Gordon (you know Batgirl), could just be a niece or something.   Pretty much the writers wanted to include these characters this week, and well that is they say as that.   Even when Barbara calls the apartment and Ivy picks up the phone.   Barbara can’t tell the difference between a kids voice and an adults (thinking Ivy is Jim’s new squeeze).   It’s all just pointless and takes away from the main plot.

Wrapping up The Penguins scenes, he tries to muscle in on the fishing district.   This causes the fishermen to contact The G.C.P.D.  that are on Don Maroni’s take.   Now there were one of two things that went through my mind.   The first is that Don Maroni is  insulted that The Penguin went behind The Don’s back.   The other is that The Don would be ok if The Penguin shook down the fishermen.   If they weren’t risking their lives everyday to bring back tuna?   What about the G.C.P.D.?   What about the Firefighters?   No shout out to the mail carriers?   Again, I guess the writers had to put these characters in somehow.   Sadly these scenes felt like Batman ’66.

Fein-Al Verdict

The entire episode should just have been focused around Arkham.   As well as trying to make Gordon an G.C.P.D. officer again.   I’d like to say that I liked the choice to bring in Dr. Tompkins as well as the actress.   Yet, I just felt like let’s bring in as many Batman characters as possible.   It’s getting so crowded that the writers forgot about Harvey Dent, Edward, Bruce and Alfred  this week.   It would have worked to see young Bruce have an one and one with Mayor Mc Sweaty.   Telling how how stupid it was to demote Jim.   Wouldn’t have that made a stronger sub plot this week?   Guess not.

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An Serious House on Serious Earth

Great performance/introduction of Christopher Heyerdahl. Loved the interiors of Arkham. The Sub-Plots were a little long in the tooth.

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  1. Another lackluster effort this week. Ugh! Why am I still watching this show?

      1. Penguin’s story is interesting. I like to watch that storyline, but overall I feel I could drop the show and not feel I am missing anything. My wife seems to like it though, so I will keep watching.

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