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The sickness that is Gotham is one of the best DVD series sets I’ve received in quite some time. Upon first inspection of this Blu-Ray set, I discovered the beautiful slip cover which shows off the main four characters of Gordon, Bullock, Cobblepot and Mooney. Inside the slip is the actual Blu-Ray casing which includes a Four Disc set, an insert with a table of contents, episode details, descriptions, whether it has deleted scenes or not and includes as much as I’d expect from a television series set.

My thoughts on the menu system are it takes full control of the Blu-Ray interfaces used for the BD media. Meaning it has interactive and slide-in and slide-out menus depending on the area you are investigation on the set. I also enjoyed when viewing the fourth disc that the special features divulged the exact disc that the features were present within. I’m not a huge fan of this style of menu but it is very functional and easy to use. It’s a menu so really it’s not a huge deal.

Furthering the Special Features haul, some of my favorite things were the deleted scenes, the gag reels and the Looks into Gotham and it’s mythos here in the show. I really enjoyed the culmination of the how they put this dark, sick city together and wove each character into it gradually further cementing the roads that took them to that dark place in the future with Batman. The deleted scenes I felt helped in some situations add to that structure but for time, I understand why they were left out. The gag reel it’s great to see the fun and the bloopers that can happen on set showing despite the heavy world we entered here there is some levity in it. My favorite features that weren’t gag or deleted scenes were; Gotham Invented: Building Our Gotham, and The Game of Cobblepot.

The episodes once again were crisp, pleasant to not only the eyes but the ears. Seeing this on the set compared to cable as proven to be much better than I anticipated. Also seeing it again with all the features, without commercials or interruptions allowed me to get a better understanding for the show, it’s direction and really enjoy it. Comparatively to the time I reviewed it in “Remote Control” I think I am properly motivated for Season 2. This comes right on the heels of the Season 2 Teaser as well.

My overall thoughts on this are if you’re a DC Comics fan, a Fan of Gotham or a fan of good media in general this set gives you plenty to look at and enjoy. With so much more going in depth than what I thought on initially receiving this set.

To view the complete set of features, read the PRESS RELEASE HERE

I’d like to thank Gary from Warner Bros Entertainment for this review copy.

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