Review of Gotham Spirit of the Goat (Spoilers)

 We’re a few short days from Halloween.  So was this episode  supposed to be…a fan fic of The Long Halloween?  At least that’s how the episode opened.   It was also suppose to be a Harvey Bullock vehicle.   Yet as I’ve stated before.  Geroge Clooney you’re no Batman, Donal Logue, you’re not Harvey Bullock.  However it was nice to see Dan Hedaya again.   Apparently he was Harvey’s partner.   Ten years before Harvey and Jim became partners. It also attempts to answer the obvious question…what’s Harvey’s major malfunction?


My next question is now that we’re getting an idea,concerning “current,” Harvey.  On how he doesn’t do his job at times.   Why… oh…why…do we care?  Gotham’s Harvey is just too cynical.   And you can’t tell me it’s gonna take another 12-14 years, until he turns into BTAS Harvey.   Not to say that the episode wasn’t watchable, or boring.   It just has more potatoes than meat.


The episode did have pros and cons.   First off, the flash back showed how Harvey would rush into a situation.   His justification was, to “save the day.”   It  caused his Partner Dix (Hedaya), to be injured…well one bad day.  At first I thought the Goat Killer was idiotic.  Was he supposed to be a cult follower?   Still it was nice to see a optimistic Harvey.  He didn’t save the Goats’s victim, but he took the Goat down.

Let’s talk about The Spirit of the Goat Killer for a moment.   For some reason, I thought he was supposed to be a Crane blood relative.   As in Professor Crane…The Scarecrow.  Until I saw him chaining people up on a alter and kill them with ether.  He also had an…hammer?   I guess because it’s basic T.V. standards and practices said no.  As in no one can get their heads bashed in.   The goat mask made him look scary.   The M.O.  made the character come off as scary.   So all in all, he worked.

What’s even more interesting is that the real mastermind was, Harley…no sorry.   It was a female hypo therapist by the name of Dr. Marks.  Portrayed by Susan Misner, from The Americans.  She was both sexy and fun.  Her justifications were to brainwash  people to become The Spirit of The Goat.  Form there they’d kill the first born rich kid…or any rich person…It’s almost a homage from Batman Returns.

Dr. Marks did have a great monologue towards the end of the episode.   It’s a shame she wasn’t Harely Quinn.   Or…again a blood relative…all right a bat fan can dream.   She was shot by Bullock.   However I believe it was her leg, not her head.   So maybe we’ll see her again.  After all she felt that Gotham needs cleansing.  And what better way than a woman’s touch?

The Cons

Edward Nygma is just not working for me.  I don’t blame the actor I blame the writers.  It’s like they watched Batman Forever too many times.   He attempted to hit on a G.C.P.D. file clerk.  Named Kristen Kringle…I don’t get this character.   She’s been around in a few episodes…but neither characters have any chemistry.  Nygma was way  too creepy, and Kringle was uninteresting.   They just didn’t need to be in this series.

If Bruce has been watching the news, and acting like a detective in past episodes…Why does he leave the window open?  The Goat killer doesn’t appear, but Catwo…girl…does?  HUH?   We get some Penguin scenes and he plays off well with Carol Kane.   I’d forgotten that she plays his mother.  The bathtub scene wasn’t creepy.   Yet the look in Penguin’s eyes were.  He’s almost Pen-Gollum this week.

Also no Fish Mooney, that also sucked.   Also Gordon was arrested for supposed killing Cobblepot.  But wouldn’t you know it?  Penguin shows up at The G.C.P.D. alive and well.   Meaning that the whole Gordon/Maroni restaurant moment last week was pointless.   Wha…the…f….?

Fein-al Thoughts

Gotham is watchable, but I know who the stars are.   Not having Fish Mooney on this week was wrong.  Also not enough Penguin scenes.   Edward Nygma is just  unwatchable.   Dr Marks screen time wasn’t wasted.   Bruce and Catwomen’s screen time was.  To  see The Penguin announce himself at the G.C.P.D. and next episode is entitled Penguin’s Umbrella…I can’t wait for next week.


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Episode wasn't BAAAAAAD!!!!

The Spirit of the Goat killer was a nice Halloween episode. Getting to see young Bullock in action. It looks like "Penguin Begins," next week.

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