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There has always been a special place in my heart for Nash Bridges. VEI has finally given us all 6 seasons in 1 box set! Here’s a spoiler filled review of the series, and the box set itself. 

NB Complete Series


We are 19 almost 20 years removed from when Nash Bridges premiered in 1996 on CBS. When this show premiered it was MY SHOW. Just as Miami Vice was everyone’s show in the 80s. I was a bit too young for Vice, but I knew of Don Johnson and the Vice cast. Plus I’d seen his film Paradise, and Tin Cup. The funny thing is I think I saw Tin Cup AFTER I started watching Nash Bridges. I honestly can’t remember. I’m going to break down this review into several categories. Overall I’m very happy that I have all 122 episodes of Nash Bridges on DVD!

Nash Title

A few nitpicks I have with the set, which I understand could not be helped on Seasons 1-3 as CBS DVD had already put those out. However when VEI put together Seasons 4-6 I wish that they had included a play all button. On the S4-6 sets you can once an episode ends and the credits roll hit the forward button, and it automatically starts the next episode. However if you don’t do this you are kicked back to the title menu.

NB S1 Ep 03 Cuda #2

Audio/Video Quality:

The video quality is good, but not the best it could be. Understandably this was a show that started in 1996 and ended in 2001. Just before the whole Blu Ray craze started. The aspect ratio for all 6 Seasons is 4:3. On the DVD program I use on my PC i can stretch it, and it looks good. I wish that there was a way to get Nash in HD though. The sound is Stereo, but I’m not of the actual specs, the set doesn’t list that. My only other complaint is that a lot the music was replaced. I understand why this is done when it comes to DVD releases. Because of the cost of rights. I just wish in some cases like this that it could have been avoided. In the Season 5 episode “Line of Sight” Kid Rock’s “Bawitdaba”  was playing during the opening shooting scene. On the DVD now it’s some other instrumental piece of music.

NB S1 Ep 04 Cuda #3

Cast and Characters:

It’s Don Johnson people!!! Anyone who was a fan of Miami Vice will love Nash bridges. If you don’t then I dunno what kind of TV junkie you are. I was a bit too young for Vice, but I have seen it since. Nash Bridges is a cooler less of a hard edge compared to Sonny Crockett. The one thing that surprises me every time I watch NB, is when the guest stars show up. They don’t make a HUGE deal about it. But it is a thing of “OH HEY!” that’s awesome that (insert actor-actress here) was on the show. As the seasons progress they continue to add characters and all of them are great. Evan’s downward spiral was emotionally crazy, and I’ve gotta say he is my least favorite character on Nash’s team. What I love about the cast and characters is just how all the relationships worked. This is a show about a guy who has all the success in his professional life, but none in his personal life. That’s what makes Nash Bridges interesting and fun!

NB S1 Ep 02 Gun Flash

Don Johnson and Cheech Marin as Nash and Joe were an excellent team. The characters are so well done. Right from the start of the first season. Nash is the guy who knows the magic tricks and is very smooth. Whereas Joe Dominguez is that schemer. As the seasons progress we get new characters in James Gammon as Nash’s dad Nick, and many more. Right from the start of the series my two favorite characters are Nash and Harv. Harvey Leek is such a great character. A Dead Head, that has so many witty lines. Really enjoyed when Cress Williams joined the cast, and added another new flavor. I like how Nash approached Antwon’s character, and how he was willing to give him a shot. A huge character in this series is the Cuda itself. Nash’s prized car, given to him by his brother Bobby. Before Bobby went to Vietnam. The Cuda is an office on wheels. Outside of Knight Rider I have never seen any TV show use a car as well as Nash Bridges does.

NB S2 Cuda PMT

Seasons 1-3:

The first three seasons have so much in them. I don’t even know where to begin. As I mentioned before… These Season DVD sets are the original CBS releases. Which have some great special features on them. In Season 1 there are some great episodes like “Genesis” and “Javelin Catcher”. The funny thing about Season 1 is it’s only 8 episodes. Kinda like what we get these days sometimes on certain Cable TV premieres.Season 2 has episodes like “Trackdown” which features William Russ as a hitman, Then there’s “25 Hours of Christmas” which is an interesting look at how Cops really work all the time. “Wild Card” is the episode to watch this season, because it’s a Miami Vice-Cheech and Chong reunion. Season 3 adds a few new dynamics and episode like “Downtime” and “Skin Deep”.

NB S4 Ep 70 Nash and Cage #2

Seasons 4-6:

Seasons 4-6!! Finally on DVD thank you VEI!!!I’ve been waiting years for this!!!! These three seasons have so much awesomeness in them!!!! Season 4 has episodes like “Hardball” which features Karl Malone, Jose Canseco, and Mr. Vernon himself Paul Gleason as shock jock mickey Tripp. Also in Season 4 is where Yasmine Bleeth’s character Caitlin Cross makes her debut. In Season 4 Ep 16 “Pump Action” this was debut of Detective Jake Cage. This character would go on to appear in 6 total episodes of the series. He is played by Stone Cold Steve Austin, and that is what makes this show even more awesome than it already was. As Season 4, 5, and 6 move along we get all kinds of stories. As the series reaches it’s conclusion… We see a story similar to what would be in FX’s “The Shield” The whole good cop bad cop kinda thing. Even though Nash is not a bad cop, someone is trying to make it look like he is one.


NB S4 Menu

DVD Packaging and Disc Art:

The DVD Packaging and disc art for Seasons 4-6 Specifically are similar to what is shown above. The disc art has the image of Don and Cheech, along with a city backdrop. I love how the menus look like a polished gun. That is very cool.

NB S1 Ep 04 Cuda #4

Special Features:

Only Seasons 1-2 have special features. I really wish VEI had gotten the cast back together for a reunion featurette. Or a fe more commentaries. Here’s how the S1-S2 Features breakdown

Season 1 Disc 1: Writer’s Roundtable Season 1 (18:41)

Season 1 Disc 2: On Set Interview with Don Johnson and Cheech Marin (2:14)

Season 1 Disc 2: Don Johnson the Gonzo Idea (7:30)

Season 2 Disc 1: Writer’s Roundtable Season 2 (17:29)

Season 2 Disc 2: Commentary on the episode “Night Train”

Season 2 Disc 5: Commentary with Don Johnson on the episode “Wild Card”

 Final Thoughts:

LOVE this DVD set! So happy VEI released Seasons 4-6. If you like witty cop dramas you will love this show. It is not as cheesy as the rest of the 90s were. I’ll be watching this DVD set for a long time to come. I don’t care how many times I’ve seen the episodes. It’s just that damn good.

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Review Overview

The Cuda Rules!

Nash Bridges is my favorite cop show ever

Nash Bridges the Complete Collection has all 122 episodes of pulse pounding action and fun. VEI has done a great job getting this series on DVD in it's entirety. If you are a Don johnson or Cheech Marin fan, you need to get this. Hell if you are a fan of fun action packed cop dramas... you need this DVD set!

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  1. Anyone recall the episode with the song “Shotgun Man” playing in the background?

  2. Whoever wrote “that’s an order” in the ‘Pump Action’ episode deserves to be boiled in oil with the fat sold for soap! That was not the type of episode I expected to be like bleeping Starship Troopers! So bleep the AH who wrote that!

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