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Girl Meets World Series Premiere

THERE ARE SOME SPOILERS IN THIS!!! From 1993 to 2000 we were given Boy Meets World from ABC! Now 14 years later we have the sequel series Girl Meets World! Read on for TFG1Mike’s thoughts on the first episode!

First off I have to say that Boy Meets World was one of the better family comedies, that has ever been produced. In the beginning BMW showed you the comedy from Cory and Shawn’s point of view, and as they grew up the comedy was still there. however Boy Meets World also tackled a number of serious issues in the later seasons, and it became a very emotionally charged comedy. There are moments of Boy Meets World that make me laugh hysterically, and then there are moments where I can’t stop the tears. That shows you the good mark of a superb TV show.

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Boy Meets World was then, and Girl Meets World is now! Friday night June 27, 2014 was the GMW premiere, with Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel reprising their roles as Cory and Topanga Matthews. Who now are living in NYC and have two kids. Riley and Auggie are the NEW Matthews children, and Girl Meets World has the same charm the original series had right off the bat. With lines like, “How long do I have to live in my father’s world…? until you make it yours.” and the chemistry between the entire cast Girl Meets World could potentially be the Disney Channel’s next biggest series.

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Each of the characters are very clearly defined, Maya who is Riley’s best friend is somewhat of a Shawn Hunter type, whereas Auggie Riley’s little brother could be somewhat of an Eric Matthews type. Only much younger. Cory and Topanga are the same as we remember them from the BMW series finale. They still have that awesome funny chemistry they always had with each other which is nice. I’m very happy that Disney Channel is doing a sequel series moreso than a reboot, because it adds so much more to the overall continuity of the franchise. We also have another sequelized character in Farkle who is Minkus’s son, and that’s going to provide a new direction for the show, as well as see what kind of Minkus like behaviors Farkle gives us. At first when I saw the promos I wasn’t a big fan of Farkle, but after watching him in this first ep… He’s growing on me a bit.

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What I think will be interesting is whether or not GMW constantly replies on the recurring characters guest starring, or if it will evolve into it’s own thing. I expect majority of the cast from BMW to guest star here and there the entire first season, but after that having any of the old cast show up should only be for special occasions. After all this is a series about Cory and Topanga’s daughter, not reliving the past of themselves.

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The first episode bridges the gap between Cory and Riley’s worlds, and by the end of the episode Riley learns and does make the world hers. It just goes to show ya if you start with a good base and then build upon the creation from there… that GMW will turn out to be a pretty cool series! It goes to show ya how much Mr. Feeny affected Cory, because he is now the teacher.

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Final Thoughts:

That final image made me tear up, but it was such a great cameo. I still wonder how many eps Feeny will be in. I do know that William Russ and Betsy Randle will be reprising Alan and Amy Matthews in Season 1, so that’ll be interesting. Girl Meets World is off to a great start.

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Review Overview

How LONG do I have to live in my FATHER's WORLD? until you make it yours!

Comedic and Emotional Moments are mixed in very well. GMW is a must watch!

Girl Meets World's first episode gives us the old staples of Boy Meets World that we love, and then introduces us to new yet familiar characters. Who we will learn to love. It's definitely worth checking out.

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