Review of Gotham Episode Everyone Has an Cobblepot (Spoilers)

You know the drill.  I don’t hate this series.  Again, what is the point of a prequel?  When I know what is going to happen.  What is the need to keep going backwards?   During the opening we get that, previously on Gotham.  And for the past few weeks, we see the Detective Flass getting arrested scenes.   Well there was a payoff.  As in, Commissioner Lobe pulled some strings to free Flass.


And for those of you, who played Arkham Origins.   Or read/watched Batman Year One.  Or saw The Dark Knight.  You know that his fate is sealed.   He’s just buying time to stay alive.  As in, yadda, yadda, The G.C.P.D. is corrupt.  Yadda, Yadda Both Crime Dons own a piece.  Of Gotham/Citizens here and there.  I’m with Jim, and his exasperation.  But patience is a virtue, and you know the rest.  Somehow Harvey Bullock had some dirt.   So he was blackmailed to be a mystery witness.  To extortionate Flass, and corrupt Gotham per usual.

Then Flass was going to be the President of the G.C.P.D. Union.   Or something like that to punish Jim.   Fortunately  (just like the title), Everyone has an Cobblepot.   And Jim’s is well Oswald.  But first we had to re-introduce the audience to Harvey Dent again.  Jim couldn’t trust Bullock.  So Jim and Dent decided to go seek, Lobe’s old partner. Followed by an Chinese bookie.


Now I have to admit this is another great main story.  We get Harvey Bullock’s back-story on his how’s and why’s.  So now he’s embittered to the mob.  But hey who isn’t in Gotham?   We also get some back-story on Lobe.  But when Gordon and Dent hit an dead end.  It’s back to Penguin for help.   This is where is got David Lynch-e.  We find out that Lobe’s daughter (who was thought to be dead) lives outside of town on a farm.   With skeletons in the closet.  By that an mixture of both bird and human.


From there, we find out that Lobe’s daughter killed her mother?   Because she likes to hide behind people and remove the skulls from the bodies?  And wear them as a necklace?   Look years ago, I was in a production of Cuckoos Nest.  I couldn’t just pretend to be mentally ill.  There are several hundred mental health Dx’s.  Just to look, like you’re not there entirely is not enough.  Anyone can dress in doll clothes, and dance/talk to themselves.  Why was the daughter mentally ill?   Was she born that way?   Did she accidentally kill a bird as a kid?   Then try to reattach the head to the body?  But decided to scoop out the skull and make jewelry?

I think I put in more thought into this character than the writers did.   As for her protectors?  Well it was an husband and wife who lived on the farm.  She was a former nurse at Arkham.  But the scenes did feel out of place.  It was more The Hills have Eyes.  Than something for D.C. fans. It transitioned to horror rather quickly.   Also Jim saved Penguin’s life, when Ma tried to shoot at him.  Does that make Jim and Penguin Even Steven?  Doubtful, for you see in order to get dirt on Loeb.


Jim would give Penguin five minutes at G.C.P.D. files.  To get some dirt on Falcone.   And a “favor,” no questions asked.   Which could be anything.  Yet, when it comes to the writing.   Things kind of go back to basics.  And this is the third time Jim saved Penguin’s life.   If you count the pilot, the Maroni interrogation, and last night’s episode.   Jim got The Commissioner to erase Bullock’s past.   So now he has a clean slate.   And Jim is the President of the G.C.P.D. union.   So one win for the good guys.


As for the B,C,D, stories.  And I do mean ‘D,” how about that Fish/Dollmacher story?   Where do I begin?  Fish will now work with the Dollmaker, or Dr. Dollmacher?   Here he’s a brilliant surgeon.  Who likes to harvest organs and sell them on the open market.   But again, it’s just like something out of Tales From the Crypt.  The Dollman or maker is nothing new.  But thanks to D.C.’s The New 52.  He’s a mad scientist, who runs an organ trafficking market?  Who cares, it’s about Fish trying to re-establish herself.   And I was just bored by both her and The Dr.’s performance, M.O’s.  It was like who can intimidate who more.   He doesn’t care that she was Don Falcone’s Lt.   She wants to take over Gotham.  I just lost interest.

The B story as in beware.  Dealt with both Kris Kringle, and Edward.   Now granted this is right out of the B.T.A.S. Mad as an Hatter episode.   Edward tired his best to court Kris.   She’s dating another jerk-cop.  So this Riddler is part Jervis Tetch as well?   The point is we saw how a G.C.P.D. staff member pissing off Eddie.  Especially when Kringle’s new beau.  Taunted Ed with a simple Riddle.  I just wish Ed, would become Year One Riddler already.

The C story was a see you later affair.  Sorry, I do love the bonding between Alfred and Bruce.  But Alfred won’t turn on Reggie because they were friends.   There is loyalty and then plain stupidity.  Reggie doesn’t want Bruce to die. But Bruce was sloppy keeping his, who killed my parents.  Collage out in the open.  Then Kat stopped by.  And gave that, “Kid, wadda ya think ya gonna do, speech.”   Again these actors have some great chemistry.  But at the end of the day it was just wasted.

The Fein-al Verdict.

I think if the writers, took like twenty – twenty five minutes showing us the ‘A,” story.  Then going to the B,C,D stories this could be a much more solid series.   Unless they’re going to intersect.   There is no reason to take a breather to show us five minutes of Bruce and Alfred in a hospital.  Then back to taking down The Commissioner. Also stop re-hashing money shot scenes from other bat material.   Case in point, Oswald reenacts the try outs scene from The Dark Knight.  Where he makes Ma and Pa fight over their freedom.   After, Team Gordon get what they need, to take down Lobe.  I can’t believe Ma was willing to kill her husband for over 20 years.  Just to flee Gotham. Then as an added twist, there was no ticket out of Gotham.   It was just that Penguin had a gun with one shell.   Again, it was funnier when Joker did it.


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Coming Apart at The Seams

The writing is still more "fan fiction." Young Bruce, still wanting to make "that transition." The Dollmacher scenes were just pointless.

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  1. if Mr. Jeffery Combs was the actual dollmaker and not the dollmaker’s manager it would have been so much better! I dunno what I’m gonna drop first Arrow or Gotham…. Gotham still has me more intrigued than Arrow, but Gotham as you say feels very fan fictiony. Great review!

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