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It’s amazing when I write.  An good review of Gotham.  No one issues an complaint.  But as soon as I give an bad one.  Everyone looses their minds.  Back  to the matter on hand.  Season Two has gotten.  A much needed enema.  Last week we saw Penguin.  Rise to the occasion, this week.  It was Jerome’s turn.  He hasn’t had that chemical bath yet.  But he was terrifying and funny at the same time.  More on that in a little bit.  Let’s talk about the other Arkham escapee’s.   There were fans, on the interweb.  Comparing the carnage to Batman ’89.  Or Batman Returns.  Where Joker’s or Penguin’s goons ran amok.


Captain Essen was promoted to Commissioner.   Which meant no more.  Gordon/Loeb head butting.  Too bad, so sad. I figured, she would at least last a while.  A long, long while.   For those unfamiliar with the character.  She was first introduced.  In Batman Year One.  Where she and Jim had an affair.  While Jim was still married to Barbara.  In The Dark Knight Returns.  She’s Jim’s second wife.  But since Jim and Leslie are an item.   There was no need.  To make Jim and Essen an item.

gotham-202-gordon (1)

But did she have to.  To be bumped off, so quickly?  Granted in the first season.  Her chemistry with Jim.  Felt like something, out of.  Any 70’s/80’s cop show.  It was almost an drinking game.  To wait/hear/see Jim.  Surrender his badge, or his job threatened.  By the second half of Season One.  I was warming up to Zabryna Guevara’s performance.  I still don’t understand.  The point of building up fictional characters. Only to bump them off so quickly.  It’s either an desperation for ratings.  Or to get/see an reaction of young Jim.  Also, Gotham’s true star. Robin Lord Taylor was no where to be seen.

Now usually in an Batman episode.  You’d get one villain a week.  Or multiple villains in an Batman film.  It usually feels like an overkill. However I’m getting used to the idea.  Seeing how Penguin met Riddler and Selena.  As well as Jerome meeting Barbara.  All in one episode.   Penguin could have had.  At least an walk on.  Wondering how the Arkham inmates.  Will affect his businesses.   Well maybe next week.


We did get to see Barbara’s metamorphosis.   Into possibly Harley Quinn.   If the “I’m not an prisoner anymore, I’m free.”  Speech didn’t give it away.  The gloves sure as hell did.  And you have to wonder what’s under the coat?  It has an black trim.  On the outside, and an red collar showing.   She is also controlling an goon.  Or at least in my fanboy mind she is.   It only took an entire season.  To change her around. Problem is Ivy Pepper is jailbait.  In this universe, so is Selena.  Which could be an problem.   I was still hoping. For an Gotham Sirens team up.  We do have Tabitha.  Who looks great in leather.  And carries an whip.   The problem is, she’s no Ivy or Catwoman.


We also get some Bruce/Alfred fan fiction?   Again, I think the two have great chemistry.   But how many pages.  Do the writers have to take. From the Nolan-verse?   Alfred got fired after.  Breaking Thomas’s computer to pieces.   Am I wrong to think.  That people can’t get over.  The Dark Knight Rises?  So if they could’ve written.  The Bruce/Alfred fallout.   It would’ve worked better this way?   Again, I don’t recall Bruce ever firing Alfred in the comics.   Alfred is not only “a Jack of all trades.”   But he’s the only family Bruce has.   We’ve seen them bond, several times.  In this series.  Le “sigh,” I guess it was.  Supposed to be, the cookie cut.  “You’re not my dad speech.”   Or something to that affect.


The Fein-Al Verdict.

It’s two and zero.  For the second season of Gotham.  Granted the whole Bruce/Alfred spat.  Was unnecessary, and I still.  Went through Oswald Cobblepot withdrawals.   I still love the fact that Season two.  Is making up for, last years mistakes.   I just wish they would.  Leave the “fan fiction,” from the theatrical films.  Out of the way.  Also it would have been intresting.  To see an Essen/Jim/Leslie love triangle.

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Quick Send in "The Clowns." Don't Bother, Jerome and Barbara are Here.

Jerome not only gave. The series "an much needed enema." But the rise of the Villains. Still gave them, more personalty. Showing that Gotham is "changing."

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  1. too bad Tracey Walter aka Bob the Goon from 89 Batman is 67 years old. I’d LOVE to have Barbara-Harley controlling him!

  2. too bad Tracey Walter aka Bob the Goon from 89 Batman is 67 years old. I’d LOVE to have Barbara-Harley controlling him!

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