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I don’t know if anyone remembers The A.B.C. Drama Gun?  No?  It dealt with a gun traveling from, owner to owner. Each owner had a different story to tell.  Or perhaps, The Twilight Zone’s Dead Man’s Shoes.  Pretty much the same idea.  The “Red Hood,” had a similar tale.  The problem was, the hood story.  Would have made a great short film. It got clouded with two of the four other stories tonight.  Still, I’m glad that Gotham has legs.  Transitioning from Silver age comics to Bronze, then present.


The episode opened with a gang of thugs.  One wants to wear a red hood.  Somehow it makes this one thug confidant.   He uses the hood as a gimmick.  And decides to act like Robin “Red Hood.”  Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.  The other thugs, want the hood.  So one by one, a wearer gets iced.  So another can don it.  Each with a different idea on how to use it.  The opening felt like The Dark Knight bank heist.  As well as a Batman ’66 episode.  Involving the late great Art Carney, as The Archer.   Who was a Robin Hood-esque villain.  Using a laugh track to boost his confidence.


So all in all, the Red Hood story was the icing on the A – Story cake.  The Fish Mooney story?  She met the Dollman, I guess.  Or again, whatever floats your boat.  He wanted to steal her eyes.  She plucked one out with a spoon.   And stepped on it.  You know what?  WHATEVER!!!   I lost all confidence/respect for this character.  It’s like Butch stated, she got hers.  The writers don’t know what to do with the character anymore.   With her scenes, getting shorter and shorter.   It’s only a matter of time, before she’s fish food.


Then we had Barbara bonding with Selena and Ivy.   Barbara was trying to give Ivy some new duds.  And then told her that she could use her body as a weapon.  So Ivy, Barbara and Selena together in a apartment?   Are we getting an Gotham City Sirens story-line?  Barbara has been rejected by Jim, Montonya, her parents?   Could she be turning into Harley?  Now in Scott Synder’s Death of the Family.   We found out that there were several Harley’s.  So why not Barbara?  I could go with that.   Selena did push Barbara’s proposal.   It’ll take time, but hey.  It’ll probably work better than Birds of Prey.


Granted the promising Gotham City Sirens worked.  The bonding between Butch and Penguin, did not.  The club is failing.  The real booze is gone.  And Butch who was under mind control?   Or not, I dunno anymore.  Anyway he’s willing not to be a sidekick.  So now he’s going to take Penguin under his wing?  After everything he and Fish went through?  Butch just decided to move on?   So what was the point of Victor’s “training?”  Penguin has to start all over again?  And how long will the Butch/Penguin bro-mance last?


Speaking of an bro-Mance’s that wouldn’t last.  Reggie Payne, an old friend of Alfred  paid a visit.  If you’re a fan of Alfred, then you knew he was a “man of the world.”  Now he’s retired and a butler.  I’ve seen this character before. Or a reasonable facsimile there of.  It was an episode of B.T.A.S.  But this story, was watchable.   I liked how Reggie and Bruce tried to bond.   Reggie tired to teach Bruce to fight.  Alfred stepped in as Bruce’s legal guardian.   To have none of it.   Reggie turned out to be a mole.  For Wayne Enterprises no less.   gotham-ep117scn3828690hires2jpg-318a56_960w

The Fein-Al Verdict.

The Red Hood story was, a nice tribute to Silver Age Comics.  It was interesting to see the hood, as a character.  It almost felt alive.  Almost taking over the wearers mind/personality.  I did love how the members of the Red Hood Gang.  Were willing to kill over who would don it next.  It became more valuable than money.  It’s a shame that the next person didn’t keep the Robin Hood persona.  The G.C.P.D.’s rep is down.  So having a crazed masked person, would’ve helped.   Just like in Batman ’66.   The Arc with the how’s and why’s of Wayne Enterprises.   Trying to “remove,”  Bruce permanently.  Is just going to make Bruce angry.  And you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

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It's All Good in The Hood.

The introduction of The Red Hood. The Introduction of Reggie. Possible introduction of The Gotham City Sirens. The "Red Hood," (both wearer and Hood), are great characters.

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  1. Great review. I’m with you…. I’m so over Fish. The only purpose she served this week is to set up the Dollmaker coming in. I am hoping that Jeffery Combs who played the manaager is actually the Dollmaker himself! The Red Hood stuff was a great nod, can’t wait to see if they do anything else with it. The Selina, Babarbara, Ivy thing was interesting. A few prople on facebook felt it was creepy and weird. But it shows that Selina and Ivy have some sort of mentor. Even though Barbara Kean isn’t the best mentor in the world.

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