Review of Gotham Episode The Anvil Or The Hammer (Spoilers)

First of all, I did watch last weeks episode.  I did make an mistake.  On how The Ogre and Barbara met.  Unfortunately my DVR has hiccups sometimes.  I also don’t read recaps until a day or two.  After I write my reviews.  So, I apologize for that.  Still, the Ogre should’ve tracked Leslie regardless.  I wish the Ogre/Gordon arc would’ve had a payoff.  It didn’t, instead it just had.  Another would be baddie, that got bumped off.  He could’ve been, what Joker is to Batman.  If you have been reading, The New 52.  Joker now has this wet look to him.  I thought, before Batman has Joker.  Jim could have that Yin/Yang relationship.


But no, another one bit the dust.  Also it just made Barbara weaker.  Either she was going to be an “Harley Quinn.”  Or just another damsel in distress.  Other than seeing her showing some skin.  And being forced to see her parents killed.  I don’t think Jim and Barbara can mend.  Jim made it clear last night.  He loves Leslie, and so do us fans.  Or at least I can only hope.  What can I say?  The Ogre thought Barbara was, “the one.”  He confessed, not just his love.  He tried to bring her into his world.  She tried to escape.  But to no avail.

In the end, I was hoping for more.  But Barbara just turned into a scared animal.  Also why did she really pick her parents?  For him to kill? Granted he threatened to kill her.  If she didn’t pick a victim for him.  But why didn’t she pick Jim?  This way leading The Ogre into a trap? For me it was hard to read her.  There were times, she was toughing up.  Then there were times, she lost it.  She did state, she couldn’t tell. What was going through The Ogres mind.  I couldn’t tell with her.  Sorry, but she’s just not a strong character.


As for Jim?  Well he did Jim Gordon things.  He used Cobblepot to get into.  Some sort of…well secret club.  With what I’m guessing.  The most perverted show on earth?  It was some interesting filler.  For an Prime Time Comic Book series.  Granted we had to use our imagination.  I’m sure it also made the writers.  Of Two Broke Girls blush.  But Jim had Bullock go in undercover.  Harvey quickly put an end to the show.  And Jim got his answers on The Ogre’s Apartment.   Yet, he didn’t save Barbara’s parents.  Or save her from getting her throat cut.  Or save what was left of her sanity.


As for Bruce’s journey this week?  Well he tried to open an safe.  That was inside an Wayne Enterprises employee.  Who sent Reggie Payne. To Spy on Bruce.  And explained to Bruce.  That his father and grandfather were corrupt.   Bruce felt defeated, but we got.  The introduction of Lucis Fox.  Who left an cryptic message for Bruce.  To learn about Thomas Wayne’s past.   Also young Bruce never stinks up the room. Neither does Alfred, so I’m ok with it.

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The Penguin’s plot, to take out Maroni?  “Sigh,” this is still going on?  Penguin tricked an assassin.  To kill Maroni at an local bar.  But Penguin, oh that Penguin.  Had guns hidden, but pins removed.  Also the assassin told Maroni.  That Falcone tried to put out the hit.  So, I’m assuming that Maroni and Falcone.  Will kill each other.  Leaving Penguin The Last Man Standing?   Remember that Bruce Willis film?  No? Probably for the best.

As for Riddler’s story?  Not so much, “tripping over the finish line.”  But I wonder/question the navaity/trust.  Of the Citizens in Gotham. First off, Edward killed Officer Dougherty.   Because the writers were lazy.  As in, let’s use that.  He’s an alcoholic/mess character.  So if Edward kills him, no one will care.  Then Riddler takes the remains.  Into the G.C.P.D. mind you.  And no one was curious.  Why this officer just quit.  Where he was going.  And, Conventionally left an Dear John note for Kringle.  Little Shop of Horror’s this ain’t.

The Fein-Al Verdict.

Was this an silly episode?  Sure, but what else is new?  I was never bored.  What lacks in the writing.  Makes up in the performances.  I just think that Jim rescuing Barbara.  Then declaring his love for Leslie, was wrong. We the audience don’t know where Barbara is.  Is she in an hospital for observation?  Is she catatonic, and going to be placed in Arkham?  Well the arc is over.  So, who cares I guess.  I’m glad Edward is cracking.  It’s silly and cheesy.  How he just walks into the G.C.P.D.  And literally gets away with murder.  But again, short and to the point.   It was better than seeing him bullied.  As for Penguin?   Well the sooner he is an crime boss, the better.  He’s still sneaky, slick, and sly. But the Maroni/Falcone/Cobblepot arc.  Has worn out its welcome.   I know that next week Bruce.  Will push that button, in the fireplace.  I almost wish we’d gotten an Batman Steampunk T.V. Series instead.


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You Always Hurt The Ones You Love

The Ogre/Gordon Story arc. Was just a huge disappointment. The Penguin/Mob War Story-line may pay off. Bruce learning more about Thomas, was another great payoff.

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