Review of Gotham Episode The Blind Fortune Teller (Spoilers)

“HURRY, HURRY, HURRY, HURRY, STEP RIGHT UP!”  “Don’t be shy, gather around.”  “Tonight, for one night only, you’ll see the Flying Graysons.”  “You’ve heard of them folks.”  “The Future parents of The Boy Wonder, Robin.” “Come see, Jerome the psychotic clown.”   “Cameron Monaghan, will delight you and fright you.”  “Setting the viewers up, for one of the most iconic D.C. characters ever.”   “STEP RIGHT UP, HURRY, HURRY, HURRY!!!”


Little Brat-ling – “Excuse me, Mr. Carnival Barker Sir?”  “I was always under the assumption.”  “That The Joker, never had a real origin story.”   “Now he conveniently comes from circus folk.”   “And his father, is an blind fortune teller?”

(Carnival Barker, pushing kid away) – “Go away kid, ya bother me.”

So, yeah Gotham’s writing is one big joke.  I’m not going to take away, Cameron’s performance.  But, it’s almost taking seventy five years of Bat – Knowledge.   And just saying “F$%K you to it.  Granted Scott Synder is telling an interesting Joker origin story.  The Killing Joke wasn’t too shabby either.   I’m just not sure, if this is the true Clown Prince of Crime.  Or just someone that “The True Joker,” came across and influenced.  The whole circus who done it mystery.  Felt like something out of Silver Age comics.  With a dash of Tim Burton.  It’s too bad, Danny Devito didn’t make an cameo.  Or Killer Croc for that matter.


As stated from my past three reviews.   Each episode seems to be carrying a theme.  Obviously this one was circus themed.  Heading over to The Ice Ber-, sorry.   I mean Oswalds, run by The Penguin.  His “stock,” was up for a few episodes.  Now it has plummeted.  Granted his mother seems to be the star attraction.   And after she’s heckled, The Penguin kills that person off camera.  But what was the point of it all?   The Penguin is starting to become more animal than man?   He’s still quivers to both Don Maroni, and his opposition.

He’s become the Dr. Smith of the 21st Century.  Also having Victor reprogramming Butch.  Was another let down, so now he’s Penguin’s bodyguard?  How long will that last?   Well this is Gotham the T.V. series.   So nothing lasts too long.   Speaking of which, how long will Leslie and Jim court?  I’m assuming as long as Jim is “the father.”  That is ok, and in the comics.  Barbara Kean either dies, or leaves Jim.  Or whatever floats your boat.  My point is Jim and Leslie are a better couple on screen.


Barbara came back into the picture.  Ivy and Selena have been squatting in Barbara’s loft.  For some reason both drunk and sober Barbara is ok with this.   She’s even ok with taking their fashion advice.  She’s not ok, when she sees Jim and Leslie making out.  So I dunno how this will play out.  I don’t hate Barbara.  I do feel sorry for her.  No matter her fate in this universe.  I do wish her some happiness.  I feel bad how she has gotten the short end of the love stick.

Oh, and more Fish Mooney in the prison.  Well she was in the prison.  Where organs are being harvested.  She’s taken over, and well.   “Fish Mooney everyone.”  We end with Bruce re-taking Wayne Enterprises.  The board thought of him as well, a joke.  But Bruce was backed up by Alfred.  And with the oh – so articulate, take no prisoners attitude.  He’ll probably be the youngest C.E.O. next to Richie Rich.

The Fein-Al Verdict.

The Grayson’s blood feud, over a W.W. I horse?  “Sigh,” my head hurts.   Other to show that Robin will be introduced someday.  The circus scenes tried to take a page.  From HBO’s Carnival, or American Horror Story’s Freak Show.  Regarding the other ladies of Gotham.  If Barbara is going to accept Ivy and Selena.  As her new friends.  What will they do?  Just moan and complain about Jim?  For that matter, why wasn’t a montage added?  With Barbara trying out outfits to impress Jim?  Instead Selena just told her to wear something.  As if she was going sailing, HUH?  Well that whole Jerome/Joker monologue at the end.   Is worth the price of admission.  And that preview of The Red Hood appearing.  So until next time, follow my lead.  Recite my creed, and smile darn ya.



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No Laughing Matter

Cameron Monaghan's performance of pre Joker. Leslie and Jim, make a great couple. I really feel bad for Barbara. Penguin, is becoming a "real," joke.

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