Review of Gotham Episode The Last Laugh (Spoilers)

Was it me, or did anyone not get the Joke?   People are convinced that Joker is dead.  After all, only three episodes.  Of Season Two, and to kill.  Off the future “Clown Prince of Crime.”  Would be no laughing matter.  But I’m not the only one.  Who has had hypothesis, regarding Joker.  Did the original create.  An Jekyll and Hyde formula?  So that different concentrations.  Affect the victim in different ways?  Meaning Jerome either came across Joker toxin.  Was Jerome the creator?  Well as Alan Moore’s Joker once stated.  “If I have to have an past.  I’d prefer it be multiple choice.”

GOTHAM: Jerome Valeska (guest star Cameron Monaghan) in the Rise of the Villains: “Knock, Knock” episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, Sept. 28 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Nicole Rivelli/FOX.

In this universe, we got an different take.  He was born into circus folk.  Killed his parents, and just wants attention.   To be fair actor Cameron Monaghan didn’t do an shabby job.  But I felt he was impersonating Jokers.  From D.C. past, not that was terrible.   There are always different interpretations of Joker.   I’m sure there is one.  Tailored made just for you.   For me it’s Mark Hamill bar none.  Also this Joker caper.  Felt like an adult version of.  An lost Silver Age comic.   Again, that’s not an bad thing.


We do have some chilling moments.  Such as the blind fortune teller.  Stating that all Jerome will know.  Is death and madness.  Which will lead to his untimely demise.  Someone new to the D.C.U.  Might find this scene interesting.  For me, it was just.  An excuse for two actors.  To chew up the scenery.  With no side affects of acid indigestion.  Joker does believe in chance and risk.  It’s just asking the advice.  Of an blind fortune teller.  Felt a tad out of place.  Or you could also take.  This scene, as two characters.   Trying to out crazy each other.


How do you top?  What Joker and company?  Did to the G.C.P.D. and Commissioner Essen?  Why you invade an televised Gala event.  With Bruce Wayne and Alfred, of course.  Which also felt like something. Out of the Batman The Animated Series. Which is surprising effective.  What I can’t understand.  If Leslie is on Barbara’s hit list.  And Barb has threatened to kill Dr. Tompkins.  Why would Jim, allow her.  To go out in public?  Without some sort of police protection?   Especially what happened last week?  I still cannot get an fix.  On what is really going on.  Inside Leslie’s mind, how strong is she?   Just because they are in love.  Doesn’t help me as viewer.

Barbara has tried to kill.  Leslie on several occasions.   She has called, and threatened.  To kill Leslie, both have been with Jim. I have gripes with it.  The writers still don’t know.  How to write for the female characters/demographic.  I could go back.  To the G.C.P.D. invasion again and again.  Leslie just shakes it off.  And is like “eh, that’s Gotham for you.”


Which brings me to when.   Jerome and Barbara take over the gala.  Turing it into a deadly magic show.   This could almost work.  As an stunt show, at Six Flags.  Barbara ties Leslie to an spinning wheel.  Somehow Leslie does fight back.  But it just felt.  Wrong, and it’s one reason. Why I shaved off, 1/2 a point.  There are reasons, why I shaved off another. Still the  Jim/Bruce/Alfred dynamic.  Pays off as usual.  I love how they work together.  So when Bruce starts to wear the Batsuit.  Jim will have an.  Better report with Bruce now.  Than he would be in other universes.


The Fein-Al Verdict.

What really saves this episode.  Is the second half of the story.  Bruce’s first encounter with Joker.  Is not only haunting but also.  An Life lesson at the same time.   It’s an shame Jerome is dead.  But as the title states.  It’s the last laugh.  You see Jerome released some.  Sort of early Joker toxin.   Causing people who survived the first encounter.  To laugh uncontrollably.  Meaning anyone can be Joker.  Which puts my hypothesis to good use.  You have to wonder.  Who’s going to wear the “grin,” next?

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"Hey Jerome, Thanks For The Smile."

Jerome may be gone. However someone else, will. Take over the whoopee cushion. And hey, it's 3-0 for Gotham.

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    1. I wish they had made him the Joker the actor was a PERFECT young combination of Nicholason and Ledger. He had the dark booming voice that Ledger used, and the funny zany crazy, that Jack brought to the Joker in 89.

    1. I wish they had made him the Joker the actor was a PERFECT young combination of Nicholason and Ledger. He had the dark booming voice that Ledger used, and the funny zany crazy, that Jack brought to the Joker in 89.

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