Review of Gotham Season Two Premiere (Spoilers)

If you can’t beat ’em.  Just accept what cannot be undone. Or something to that affect.  The writers, actors, creators.  All admitted that Season one.  Was too much too soon.  Instead of trying to fix. What happened last season.  The cast/crew just decided to move forward.  And see what comes to an boil.  First off, Barbara is cuckoo for coco puffs.  And has been admitted to Arkham.  Which seems to be an Co-Ed Asylum? Does it make any sense?  Having her mixed with male rapists and killers?  Gotham-season-2-premiere

She does meet with Jerome.  Who could be Mustah J.  In this series, but she’s not into him.  Instead she’s flirting with Ronald Sionis. Because he has connections.  If you recall, this is the same Sionis. Whose son could become The Black Mask.  He was also the star of last seasons episode Masks.  Where it was Gotham meets Fight Club.  Here she uses her “woman-ily ways.”  To get to a phone.  Because she wants to tell Jim.  That she didn’t kill her parents.  And that Leslie was trying to kill her.  Jim doesn’t buy it.  And thank G-d, there is no chance. That these two characters .  Will ever reconcile ever again.  Barbara was stated, as being.  One of the “worst characters,” in T.V. history.


Don’t get me wrong.  I did like the chemistry between Jerome.  And Barbara in the show’s opening.  It was nice to see him have some screen time again.  I just don’t know, how it will pan out here.  I’m hoping the writers.  Know what to do with Barbara in season 2.  As they had no luck with her in season one.  We also had to get Commissioner Lobe removed from the picture.   You’d think he’d be next to be bumped off. After all Penguin is finally an mob boss.  With Butch as his right hand man.  Victor Zazz, his second.  And Selena Kyle as  third?   It might have worked in Batman Returns.  Here she’s still jail bait.  Also Selena was known as being neutral.   Still I hope both the character/writers.  Know what they’re doing.


Commissioner Lobe decided to demote Jim.  One more time, following the events.  Of the season finale, which also.  Caused the resignation of Harvey Bullock.   Jim also gets in trouble.  For man handling his new partner.  When an potential Arkham inmate.  Harasses Jim on the job.  Realizing that Oswald is the only way.  To get Leob to step down.  Penguin offers  Jim an  “deal with the devil.” Proposal which makes the last boy scout.  A lot more interesting, we know.  That Jim won’t take the deal.  But after showing up to Wayne Manor drunk.  Young Bruce tells Jim.  “Getting a little dirty at times.  Is not a bad idea.”   So Jim does act as Penguin’s enforcer.  Killing another rival, who has been stiffing Penguin.


On one hand, It was nice.  To see an bad ass like Jim.  In action, on the other.  It also looks like.  Penguin knew that if Jim.  Was the enforcer, and accidentally killed Penguins rival.   Jim would either be embittered with Penguin.   Again something to that effect.  It just gave the writers an excuse.  To remove Lobe from office.  And good riddance I say.  We got it, Lobe is corrupt.   He had mob ties, and so on, and so forth.  It was an intense moment to see.  Oswald, Victor and Lobe late at night. In Lobe’s kitchen, wondering when Zazz would start carving. Even Penguin admits, that if Jim.  Were to be reinstated.  Lobe would change his mind.

Instead we get the resignation of Lobe.  Not to mention after seeing clips.  For upcoming episodes, we see that.  They Mayor will have no one to turn to.   The theme is rise of the villains.  And Penguin did rise to the occasion.   He’s more confidant than ever.   He’s able to play off of anyone.  Moving on to villains rising.  Well Riddler is starting to go all Gollum.  From Lord of the Rings.  His alter ego, trapped behind an mirror.  Wants out, and to get his “present,” early.  By that the newly single Kris Kringle. Unfortunately we didn’t get much of Eddie.  So I guess it’s time to move on.

Several Arkham Inmates including Barbara and Jerome.  Get freed from an escape plan.  Thanks to wealthy businessman Theo Galavan. Who wants them to run amok.  Making it look like.  He can control crime.   It’s a small meet and greet.  But we get how this new season.  Will give the villains an bigger chance to breathe.

The Fein-Al Verdict.


I did enjoy the role reversals.  Between the would be Joker and Harley.   She is not enticed. By his charms, and Joker is more needy.  We’ve seen a lot of female co-players.  Playing the clown princess of crime.  So I could see her.  Sub-merging from a chemical bath.  She does has the look and feel.  Of an crazed killer.  Not only did villains rise.  But Bruce and Alfred, did enter Thomas Wayne’s secret basement.  It was an little contrived.  Thomas did set up an “Batcave.”  In case he died, before Bruce.  Could ever find out.   Again I’m just speculating.  But I can see him as Batman.  A lot sooner than later. You know since villains are rising and all.

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I've come to accept. That this Universe, has nothing. To do with any other D.C.U. Per usual It's Robin Lord Taylor. That saves the series.

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