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So of the many, many, things breaking the internet last night.   The Carol transition into Scar-ol. Was probably the biggest.   Now, several years ago I was a social worker.  I worked with the homeless.  Both mentally ill, and chemically dependent.  Not to open up the elephant’s wound.   But one of the issues were domestic abuse.   The audience is familiar that Carol.  Came from an abusive husband.  Now granted we heard and saw Ed in action.


However (stand back), I’ve got several hypothesis.   One is that, Ed was only being “controlling.”  Because maybe both are/were mentally ill.  And because of the end of civilization.   They couldn’t get their meds.   Ed died early in Season One.  So all we get is Carol’s side.  I’m not saying the ends justify the means.   But since Ed is gone, and we’re never going to get a true fix on her.  On the other hand she’s become more bad ass, than an victim.


Then I have to backtrack to the 1st half of Season Four.   When she was “The Teacher,” in the prison.  Bottom line is that Carol and kids don’t mix.   So maybe her daughter turning into a walker.   And getting executed was more of an mitzvah than anything.   I mean “Damn Carol,” scaring little Sam like that was unsettling.  I understand what Team Rick has gone through.  And ironically they’ve turned into what they hated.  Rick is slowly transitioning into Shane.  Which was the other buzz on the inter-web last night.


Jessie is in the comics I believe.   And last week, we met the alcoholic husband.   This week, the community tried an meet and greet for Rick and company.  We find out that the husband is a doctor.   But is he really a jerk?  Or is Rick going to make any ol’ excuse to transition into either Shane or The Governor?  He did give an innocent kiss to Jessie.  Also towards the end of the episode.   He was ready to reach for his gun.  And we saw during the meet and greet.  Bonding with Jessie’s son Sam.   Granted Rick has Judith and Carl.   But he lost his wife.   And his beard is growing back.


Speaking of awkward moments, how about Sasha?   She’s going through P.T.S.D. so we know she can’t/won’t conform.   I think that’s the whole point of this episode.  It’s titled Forget, as in forget what has happened.  Or forget what the world was like before.   Or I kind of forgot who else was part of Team Rick.   But I will say this much.   It’s like trying to rehabilitate a battered animal.  They want to trust you.  They want to conform, but they’ve been damaged beyond all hope/help.  Again, it’s too many characters.  I’m guessing the heard will be thinned soon.  Since The Saviors and Negan are coming.  Or what comic book nerds have told me, over and over again.


Saving the best for last.   Darryl who both he and the fans.  Were curious about his place in Alexandria.  Arron seemed to have the perfect solution.   Train Darryl to be an recruiter.   And why not I ask?   It gives Darryl an excuse not to be “trapped,” behind the walls.  He gets, a brand new chopper.   Also Darryl’s  skills as an tracker makes the most sense.   He knows how to survive in the wilderness. It’s an win/win  for both the fans/writers of The Walking Dead.  Darryl can just be out on the road.  And be written off for a while.  This way, he doesn’t have to be killed off.   Take that Robert Kirkman.

The Fein-Al Verdict.

The tension is so thick it can be cut with a knife.   Everything that Team Rick has been through.   Has been questioned, and they could turn into what they hate.   Carol is dressing and talking like Fred Rogers.   No one inside Alexandria would believe her as an badass.   Rick is a clean shaven Constable.   Sasha will be allowed to guard the walls of the community.   What’s the worst that could happen?  What’s the worst, indeed?


I’d like to close out this review asking for another moment of silence.   Last week, I mourned Rick’s beard.  This week, I’d like to ask a moment of silence for Buttons The Horse.

Review Overview


F is for Forget, A is for Awkward, and C is for Cookie. Which is good Enough for me.

Carol transitioning to Scar-ol. And Rick transitioning into Shane-ick is setting up nicely. Sasha's story arc, wasn't awkward in the least. Darryl's send off might be just what Team Rick needs.

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