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I don’t know if you’re familiar with The Twilight Zone?   In the fifth and final season of the original series.   There is an episode called Stopover in a Quiet Town.  An obnoxious loud mouthed couple, are coming from a party.   They’re hung over and wake up, in a “quiet town.”  It turns out, that they’ve been abducted by aliens.   And are now the playthings of its daughter.  What was the point of the opening paragraph?


Probably nothing, or possibly something.   Rick and the group are now in Alexandria.  Which is not only near Washington D.C.  But is the name of an gated community.  Run by Congresswoman Deanna Monroe (Tovah Feldshuh).  If I understand it in the comics, it is Douglas Monroe.  I kind of understand the gender change.   Since, Douglas was known as an “flirt.”   Here Deanna likes to perform a Survivor, Lies, and Videotape.  There were moments where it felt like Modern Walking Dead Family.


Deanna not only got to interview Rick’s “family.”  They were also interviewed by her, via camcorder.  I guess the idea is for others to see.  What Team Rick is like?  For a piece of mind?  So Team Rick can see what they have become?   Problem was, not enough of the characters were interviewed.   Oh, and we now got to meet the Alexandrian residents.  Some were hard to read.  One was a genuine asshole (Jessie’s husband).  As in he might as well have a target on his back.

The big question of tonight’s episode was “Trust.”  Why are the current residents letting their guard down to Team Rick?   Carl did meet, some potential friends.  Who offered him to play with their video games.  Even though, the past four years of his life has been an video-game.  There’s also a girl who sneaks out of the community.   Only to have Carl follow.  Ending with some Father and Son, Walker kills.   Just like in season four.  Rick hid weapons outside of Terminus.  He tried to do the same, outside Alexandra .  There’s some sort of shack outside of Alexandria.  But someone, took Rick’s hidden weapons.  Whodunnit?  Whodunnit, indeed.

The Fein-Al Verdict

This is another, clam before the storm episode.  Carl doesn’t mind to play with kids his own age.  However after all he has been through.  He’s afraid that these people are becoming soft.  They’ve lost a lot of comrades.   And have kept refuge in a prison no less.   There wasn’t any discussion, regarding little things.  How safe are the walls?   What do they do about bandits?   How trusting should one be regarding outsiders?   Is letting your guard down that smart?   Well Rick shaved off his beard.  Trying to look, all season one.   Carol mentioned how much she missed her abusive husband.   Glenn punching out a jerk during an supply run.   And the group were appointed Jobs around town.  Oh and Team Rick still know how to take care of Walkers.   ‘Cause there are zombies in The Walking Dead.  In case you’d forgotten.

And now a moment of silence for Rick’s beard.


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Stopover In a Quiet Town

We've transitioned from an Governor to an Congress Woman. Wish, there were more camcorder interviews. Oh that's right, "there are" zombies in The Walking Dead.

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