Review of The Walking Dead Episode The Distance (Spoilers)

On one hand, I have to agree with Rick.  He can’t trust outsiders.  What with Woodbury, and Terminus.   On the other hand, morale with his people are failing.  Also how many more characters, do we have to say goodbye to? Salvation came in the form of Aaron.  Who lives in the community of Alexandria. Which I assume is nearby Washington D.C.  After all the group did pass it from a distance.  It’s a shame we never saw, some White House Walkers.


Getting back to Aaron.  He’s known as the homosexual character.  As well as the the recruiter for the community.   We’re also left to assume.  He’s been following Rick and company for a few weeks.  Wondering if they’re worthy to join.  And do not pose a threat.  It’s amazing, how Rick could be thought to be The Governor.   Or the leader of Terminus.  Also where/how was Aaron hiding?  Was he documenting, them like Jane Goodall?


First and far-most, it was hard to read this character.  ‘Cause we had to get.  “You need to trust me.”  Followed by “why would I hurt you?”  Not to mention Rick and his companions.  Stating “what choice do we have?”   “We can’t go on like this.”   Michonne made her voice known the most.  Again, ’cause of her experiences in Woodbury.  And losing Andrea and all.  So after twenty minutes r-e-a-l time of debates.   Followed by Rick letting a few of his people.  Scout the area, so they’re not walking into a trap.


Aaron did his best to keep a cool head.  Even though he only showed pictures of the community.  Not of the population.  Or how many there were.  Or what the rules of living there entail.  Or how did they survive?  Who their leader is?  Is there a democracy?  Is there enough food and water?  What roles do the women have?   You know little things like that.   Instead, there were two cars, for the group to travel to.  And add a dash of tension.  A pinch of hindsight, followed by a rainstorm.  And Rick and company were fighting off Walkers.  Wondering if trusting Aaron was/wasn’t an “I told you so,” moment.

The Fein-Al Verdict.

There was one interesting walker kill.  When Rick offed it with a flare gun.  It was something out of an ’80’s, slasher flick.  The way the flare entered the mouth.  And it went off like an Halloween decoration.  I have to shave off points for the “Rick trust issues.”  Again you can’t blame him.  But enough is enough.  Honestly he’s running out of options. If zombies aren’t a problem.  Humans with the “King Smurf Syndrome,” are.  Once we get to know a little about Aaron.  We realize that he’s part Beth Greene.  And possibly part Dale (from season’s One and Two).  I mention these two characters.   Because Dale wanted to travel around the country.   Aaron is collecting license plates from all over.  The good old U.S.A.  And Beth Greene was the last voice of reason.  Till the next one comes around.

Put those two together and you get Aaron.  We also got to meet his boyfriend.  Who was only hiding.  To make sure, if Aaron would need backup.   Eventually we get that, “ok, we’ll trust you,” card.   And come to the gates of Alexandria. Rick can hear voices of children playing.  We can see the look on his face.  It’s not voices in his head. He looks at baby Judith.  As if to say, “it was either this or the barn with horse manure.”  After the episode, many fans on Facebook and Twitter agreed.   This should have been the Series Finale.  Or at least for these characters.  Then bring on the much talked about spin off.  Where different characters from other states.  Are dealing with the walkers.

I concur.

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