Review of The Walking Dead Episode Them (Spoilers)

Walking Dead started strong with a great Season Premiere.   It lagged here and there.  Then we got a great, Mid-Season Premiere.  Now we’re back to what’s next?  Comic book fans know.  But the non- do not.  They still want to head to Washington D.C.  Why?  What do they expect to find?  I’m sure it’s been ransacked.   So unless there is a secret U.S. Presidential bunker.   It’s useless to see The White House in shambles.  Been there, done that.


Was it a terrible episode?  Absolutely not, but it’s not telling us anything new.  Just no dwelling is safe.  You can’t trust strangers.  Oh, and let’s not forget the undead.  Gabriel is no longer Father Gabriel.  He threw his clerical collar into an campfire.  Both Maggie and Sasha tired to bond.  Since Maggie lost Beth, and Sasha lost Tyreese.  Both have toughened up.  Maggie, just wants to kill The Walkers.  She’s become a male Rick.


The ladies have also called Gabriel on his cowardice. Which was a long time coming.  But him throwing the clerical collar into the campfire. What was he expecting?  Sympathy?  We also got some feral dogs in the mix.  Which were killed off quickly. And made into “dog food.”  They had collar’s, and I’m sure belonged to someone.  And I have a feeling, their owners are still out there.

The group still realizes that.  There is danger around every corner.  But they’re so defeated with loosing friends and family.  They just don’t care anymore.   It’s just beating a dead horse.  They’re just walking down a dirt path. Granted there was a cool moment.  When a heard of walkers, are following the group behind.  So at one point, Rick and company wait on a bridge.  And just push the walkers, off of it.

At one point, they find water.  It has a note, that a friend left the bottles.  Is it Morgan, or someone else?  We never get those answers.  Because as soon as Eugene tries to drink it.  Abraham slaps it out of his hands.  Which is bizarre, because a few months ago, he beat Eugene into submission.  Now he saves Eugene’s life?


Now granted the show is not a video game.   Defeating enemies means that, the heroes live another day.  Walkers were killed, in this episode.  Dogs were killed and eaten.  In the name of survival.  Oh and let’s not forget, Rick breaking the forth wall.   Stating that “we’re the walking dead.”  In the comics I believe Rick said it.   After Gareth and company are killed.  Here, Rick uses it as a Winston Churchill speech.  Sadly morale wasn’t  lifted.  Since SNL 40 years beat this episode in the ratings.  In fairness there was almost a land shark moment.  During the rainy barn scene.

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