Review of The Walking Dead Season Five Finale (Spoilers)

So after the Norman Reedus interview a few weeks ago.  He stated that the fans would need tissues.  Maybe to wipe away the tears of boredom.  Not that this was an terrible episode.  There were some great moments here and there. Getting the return of Morgan.  You’d think that would be a perfect score right there.  Yet, it felt like any other filler episode.  As in, “we made it for another season.”  Two characters did kick the bucket.  Just not the two we the viewers thought would die.  Many thought it was going to be Darryl and Carol.


Let’s talk about Morgan’s opening for a minute.  I’m glad that he’s back.  I’m also glad, he’s all “Jedi Knight.” Question is, how did he learn said skills?  Not from a book left in the sewers.  Another reference for another time. We got an introduction from Negan’s followers?  The Wolves, who one justified his actions.  While another cowardly hid in a corner to attack Morgan.  But Morgan speaks softly.  And Carries a big stick.  Better enough to clobber the wolves with.  And Leave them in a abandoned car my dear.  Morgan’s fight was well choreographed.  Handing both Wolves and Walkers.


Regarding the Pete Vs. Rick aftermath?  Well, we (as in the viewers) knew Pete would be axed.  The question was by who and when?  Would Pete be banished, and then join the Wolves as revenge?  Which in hindsight would have been a cookie cut move.  Instead he was placed in another house.  And Carol, turned into Scare-ol.   Because who wouldn’t be intimidated by Scare-ol?  Now this would have been smart to take Pete out.  Not to mention, Scare-ol would’ve gotten her casserole dish back in tact.  Instead he chewed up the scenery, off camera.  And we (the viewers), couldn’t wait to see him go, quicker.


We also got a few sub plots.  While some did have pay offs.  The Father Gabriel did not.  Let’s begin shall we?  First the most talked about was Aaron and Darryl going on a recruit run.  We see that several hundred walkers.  Are being kept in harvest trucks.  So they are being harvested for something.  As in, the wolves are doing the bidding of their boss.  The one, we were all hoping would make an appearance.  It was a good sub plot. Seeing  Aaron and Darryl trapped in a car.  Thinking after that last smoke.  Darryl would have scarified himself.  But no Morgan came along.  And Darryl lives for another eight months R-E-A-L time anyway.  Next we got Nicholas and Glenn.  This wasn’t a wasted sub plot.  And for anyone who wanted, Nick to die. This would have been the perfect moment.  Two go out into the woods.  One comes back, and Glen could have justified his actions.


But the best sub-plot was the town meeting.  What could have turned into a Kangaroo Court.  Actually brought up some interesting points.  Rick and crew have dealt with a lot for five years now. Or whatever time has passed.  In this fictional universe.   There wasn’t a “thinning of the heard.”  But we did see the demise of Pete.  Not a satisfactory end.  As in, he had to kill Deeana’s husband Reg.  For her to give Rick the “go ahead,” to terminate Pete.  I thought that Rick shot Reg as a mercy kill.  Because a enraged Pete, accidentally killed Reg.  After he tired to break up Rick Vs. Pete round two.

The Fein-Al Verdict

On a personal opinion, I don’t understand an extra half hour.  We barely saw The Wolves.  I also felt that Father Gabriel should have died. His cowardice was getting old.  With both the viewers, and several characters.  Instead we got some sort of redemption.  Maybe we’ll get lucky enough.  To see him go all “The Priest,” AKA Machete. On the Walkers, or not.  Either way I hope some use can be made from this character.  Well that’s it for another eight months.  Not the best cliff hanger.  Morgan and Rick reunite.  Pete is dead, Nicholas and Gabriel might be useful.  Sadly, this wasn’t my favorite season.  Too much filler, too many rumors on Negan’s appearance.  Not to mention whether or not Carol and Darryl would bite it.  We also got to see Rick, choke an walker to death.  Sort of up made up for an uneven ninety minutes.

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"Cause Rick Grimes, Loves you That Much"

Morgan going all "Mace Windu," was awesome. Darryl gets to live for another season. It really took, Deeana long enough. To let Rick, toughen up, Alexandria.

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