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Which came first the chicken or the egg?  It’s one of the questions discussed  on tonight’s Family Guy season premier.  We got a crossover for the ages.   Prime time cartoons are nothing new.   I also got the joke concerning the Fred Flintstone cameo.   However there has been this feud regarding The Simpsons and Family Guy.   The point is that FamAily Guy, has well…known for putting more fuel on the fire.    The Simpsons just makes fun of the “post,” nuclear  family.

How to tell the difference between Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson? One has both mental and physical issues...wait both the likes beer...wait both the in a fictional town....ok, one has a T.V. show that has been on since the Tracy Ulman show. One hasn't....whew.
How to tell the difference between Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson? One has both mental and physical issues…wait both the same…one likes beer…wait both the same….one…lives in a fictional town….ok, one has a T.V. show that has been on since the Tracy Ulman show. One hasn’t….whew.

What has always separated Family Guy from The Simpsons is the writing.   The Simpsons can be zany, but they never try to go blue for laughs.   Homer is an slob, but he has a heart.   A heart clogged with Krusty Burgers and Duff beer…but a heart none the less.   I could say the same about Peter Griffin…but shows his heart sporadically .   Family Guy seems to be more focused on cut aways, and pop culture references.   Over the years The Simpsons has made  fun of Family Guy.   Family Guy had their own gag that involved Glenn Quagmire and Marge Simpson.  The scene can only be shown on the season six dvd.

Homer buying donouts for The Griffins and then taking 1/3 of them...that's our Homer.
Homer buying donuts for The Griffins and then taking 1/3 of them…that’s our Homer.

South Park even bashed Family Guy, and in the audio commentary several shows praised The South Park creators.   Freedom of speech is one thing.   However the shock value on Family Guy…has just crossed so many lines…it’s not funny anymore.  Most of their jokes could make the authors of Truly Tasteless Jokes blush.   I could place said comments and jokes from Family Guy.   But fans of the show know what I’m talking about.  Non- fans could care less.

Bart and Stewie together for the first time.
Bart and Stewie together for the first time.

The show opens with Peter Griffin deciding to create his own one panel newspaper comic strip.   It becomes popular until he makes a wife beating joke.   After angering all the woman in Quaghog, R.I. The Griffins decide to get into the car and drive far…far…away.   There are some funny moments when Lois asks Peter when they can return home.   To which Peter responds “How long do woman hold a grudge?”  They stop at a local gas station and their car gets stolen.   Then they discover that they’re in Springfield.

Hungry, they go to the Kwikie Mart trying to buy donuts.   Out of money, Homer Simpson decides to help the Griffins out.   Peter and Homer become instant friends.   After that each character gets paired up…so to speak.  Chris and Brian walk Satna’s Little Helper around town.  Lisa tries to help Meg discover her inner talent.   Bart and Stewie try to bond via skateboarding, prank phone calls at Moe’s, and dealing with the local bullies.   While Homer decides to help Peter find his car.   Since the Springfield P.D. are no help, big surprise.

I like why the characters were partnered up, and then deconstructed.   The Stewie and Bart moments were uncomfortable Both could be considered anarchists.   However Stewie is more on the…sadistic side.   If you recall in season 2 or 3 of Family Guy, a bully stole Stewies Trike.   Stewie related with kidnapping the bully and torturing him.   Meg and Lisa are outcasts, but Lisa has never wanted to cut herself.  Granted Lisa is 10 years younger…but we’ve seen older Lisa.   Marge and Lois didn’t have an satisfactory payoff.   The same can be said with Brian, Chirs and Santa’s Little Helper.

Fein-al Thoughts

Sadly the third act deals with how Simpsons came first.   It goes off how The Simpsons is dated and how the show sucks.   We do get some quick cameos of Lenny and Cleveland, Quagmire and Lenny, and my personal favorite Mayor West and Quimby.   So pretty much the episode discusses how the two shows get along…at first.   Then we have to get an fallout…but not just any fall out.  A Peter Griffen/Homer Simpson (Giant Chicken) fight.   It lasts several minutes and doesn’t stop.   However it was well choreographed.   All in all it even has a open ending.   There may or may not be a sequel.   The good news is that the supposed feud between the two shows is over.  As long as the two shows stay 30 minutes away from each other.

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Worst Crossover Ever

There was little to no chemistry with the supporting characters in my opinion. Not enough Mayor Quimby and Mayor West. No Flanders in the crossover...Really?

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