Review : Once Upon A Time Season 4 Episode 3



This episode started off with quite an interesting turn. Before I get into my review a quick recap of episode 3.

Last episode we were introduced to The Snow Queen another individual with powers similar to Elsa’s ice magic. Posing as the sweet and innocent ice cream shop owner she puts a spell on the ice cream cone Marion eats when the new reunited  happy family stop by.

Of course later during  the first town meeting with Mayor Snow White, Marion of course faints from the curse working its magic. Blame turns to Elsa who is the only one known in town to have ice magic. Robin Hood turns to Regina for help to save his dying wife who says the curse is slowly working its way to freezing her heart. Regina informs him she will die unless  a drastic act” is done ( aka removing her heart).

Meanwhile back in the past in Arendelle, Elsa learns that Prince Hans is about to launch an attack to seize the kingdom and intends to do so by trapping Elsa in an old antique urn (possibly the same one Elsa popped out of in the Season 3 finale) Kristoff leads Elsa to the cave to destroy the urn before Hans can use it on her.

Snow White is trying to balance her new responsibilities as a mother and mayor. Elsa and Hook get help from Mr.Gold to track the true source of the freezing magic. Hook blackmails Gold by letting him know he knows the dagger he gave Belle is a fake.

Emma and David meet Will Scarlet who leads them to the ice cream store informing them that not everything is as it appears to be. After investigating they realize he is right.

Elsa and Kristoff reach the cave where the urn resides. She becomes fixated on the ancient writing wanting to know if there are more like her. Hans and his crew arrive and he threatens to kill Kristoff unless Elsa hands over the urn.

In the present Elsa and Hook find The Snow Queen in the woods performing her magic. Elsa is fascinated seeing someone like her for the first time.

Hans gets the urn from Elsa opens it and out pours the Snow Queen.The Snow Queen “saves” Elsa from Hans by freezing him.

The Snow Queen tells Elsa that Anna trapped her in the Urn and hurt Marion wanting to each Elsa a lesson.

Emma and crew arrive to save the day. Emma uses her magic successfully and The Snow Queen flees.

Emma admits to Hook she is afraid of loosing him and Hook tells her not to worry.

The episode ends with  The Snow Queen and Mr.Gold who remarks that it’s good Emma didn’t remember her and he anxiously awaits when she is ready to make a deal with him.

This episode was just WOW. So many new developments and plot twists it was almost hard to wrap my head around it all. First of all Elsa and the Snow Queen are related and she is their missing mother’s sister?Fans of Frozen know that we are getting an early look at a possible Frozen 2 in OUAT but this seems a bit far fetched.Emma also seems to be connected to The Snow Queen in some shape or form which doesn’t quite add up. If she was related wouldn’t Snow and Charming know? Also what is the deal with Rumple and The Snow Queen at the end? So much for him reforming….

I have to admit the first episode of OUAT’s take on Frozen was not overly exciting but they seem to be making up for it as the season goes on.With so many unanswered questions next week’s episode will surely be another mind boggling one. On that note a very Happy Thanksgiving to any fellow Canadian Geekcast Radio fans!

~Tarah Bleier

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