Review of The Walking Dead Episode Consumed (Spoilers)

What this episode lacked in dialogue, it made up for in body language and action.   Viewers knew that this was a Darryl and Carol episode.   As well as finally answering several questions.  Regarding episodes Four Walls and a Roof and Slabtown.   I was curious, who Darryl told to come out from the bushes.   Was it Beth, Carol, Morgan?   Now I’m assuming it was Noah.   Who was captive at the hospital in Atlanta.   The time lines are a tad confusing, it’s a shame Quentin Tarantino didn’t write/direct season 5 part one.


The audience was also treated to some great landscaping of Atlanta.   The city itself post zombie infested, was rather haunting.   I’ve driven through the city twice.   I have to admit the cinematography was breathtaking.   It doesn’t take much to see it fall apart from season’s 1 – present.  Debris everywhere – buildings that were either ransacked from survivors seeking shelter.   To  abandoned tents left in the hallways of skyscrapers.  The aftermath is still bone chilling.   We’re still are learning more about both Carol and Darryl.


We know that she came from a abusive husband.   Ironically she occasionally sought  shelter in well, a shelter for abused families.  If you recall on season four, she was banished from Rick’s group.   After she burned two members who may or not have turned into walkers.   She found a abandoned car and her journey, regarding survival was  moving.   She knows that her actions were going to end in consequences.   However in the comics I believe that she gave up and let walkers eat her.   In this series, she debates if G-D still exists.   As well as heaven and hell.   At least in the series, she insists to go out fighting than feeling sorry for herself.

Carol has evolved from the victim to the hero.   After all she helped Rick and the group, escape from Terminus.   There has also been internet Buzz if Carol and Darryl will be hooking up.   The title of this episode is consumed.   As is she’s consumed with guilt?   Did she  go a tad too far with teaching the kids about survival, while in the prison?   Should she have consulted the group about torching possible infected members at the prison?  Let’s not forget that Darryl was the star tonight too.   He’s also evolved into a man.   Darryl’s past was that he was a drifter.   Going nowhere, and following his redneck brother Merryl.


In the first couple of seasons I didn’t care for this character.  It wasn’t until season three did I finally warmed up to him.   It has been stated in an interview that “Darryl is like a abused animal, he has trust issues.”   “Once he gets to know you, he’ll warm up.”   I can understand why there are death threats from fans that if Darryl dies people will riot.   He’s brought back that Jimmy Dean/Rebel Without a Cause attitude.   With that all out of the way, did this episode deliver?   The answer is that it did.   We also see how Noah joined the group.   At first he robbed the pair.   Yet, that didn’t last long.


The pros of Noah meeting Carol and Darryl is that, Noah knows the ins and outs of the hospital.      Unfortunately the Slabtown episode showed Carol being brought in.   Many fans speculated that she faked injury to get inside.   Sadly, that wasn’t the case.   You see after Noah robbed the duo, he also let some walkers lose.   So as not to be followed.   This caused Carol and Darryl to run a few blocks away and find new weapons/ transportation.   It led to them hiding in a van that was hovering over a bypass.   In order to escape, the only was to go was down.


Another intense moment/escape, but not without some minor injuries.   Both walked away pretty much ok.   Of course the two eventually found Noah and called for a truce.   Only to have Carol leave another building, not look both ways and get mowed down by the Atlanta Police.   We know that she is a fighter, and we know that Darryl is thinking with his brain.   He’ll take Noah back to the church.  Rick and Company will save Beth and Carol.  The episode/story arc is predictable.    Still it is an great way to end the second half of season five.   As for Officer Dawn, she better just look at the flowers.

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It's been five seasons and we're still learning about Carol and Darryl. The previous cliffhangers, finally make sense. This story arc was a smart way to end season five part one.

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