Review of The Walking Dead Episode Crossed (Spoilers)

First of all, I apologize for the late review.   Due to some “medical issues,” that have come up.   I’ll save that for another time.  Onto this weeks epiosde.   It’s not as interesting as Season four part B.   Rick’s people have been scattered.   Sgt. Ford’s beating put Eugene in a coma. Glenn has developed an disappointment disorder.   Rosita still thinks of Eugene as a “brother figure.”   Maggie has toughened up more in the series than in the comics.   And remaining bottles of water have been labeled GREATM.



Yet their subplot wasn’t GREAT-EM.   Sgt. Ford is just siting on his knees.   Staring into nothing-ness, Rosita tried to talk some sense into him.  But to no avail, and it’s causing that group to break down.   Other than team GREATM attempting to fish, filter water and check on Eugene.  What was the point of it all?  Let’s not forget Maggie ready to blow Abraham’s head off.   If he attempts to go near Eugene again, or attack anyone else.   Meanwhile forget about that cliffhanger scene where Darryl emerged from the bushes.    Apparently Noah, and Darryl made it back to the church in one piece.


Rick took Tyreese, Darryl, Noah, Sasha, with him to rescue Beth and Carol.   Leaving Father Gabriel, Michonne , Carl, and Judith behind.  To me it would have made sense to swap Sasha out with Michonne.   But what do I know?   Also we’ve  continued to get more scenes of Father Gabriel’s cowardice.   Instead of fighting, he’s done  what he does best run away.   He does come across some walkers that he could have saved, before they turned.   So unless there’s something that I don’t know, he’s walker fodder.


Onto the main event, the Grady Memorial Hospital rescue mission.   Unfortunately the “Team Rick,” story line shuffled longer than a walker looking for its next meal.   Maybe it’s me, but Rick is turning into the new Shane. While Darryl is transitioning into the old Rick.   Darryl is much more soft spoken, and not as angry/gung – ho as he was on previous seasons/episodes.   He’s acting more and more rational.   What with saving Noah’s life last week.   As well as deciding to spare some of the Atlanta’s police force this week.


Rick’s rugged beard has matched his new personalty.   Since season’s three – present, he has not thought twice about surviving.   What with splitting outsider skulls with a machete.   Or decimating the Marauders back on season four.   Again, I don’t know how blood thirsty he is in the comics.   All I know that his anger is getting the better of him.  It’s going to take one mistake, and he’s done.   There also weren’t many walker kills.   Not that Darryl grabbing an walker skull to beat a cop wasn’t creative.   I just felt it was a been there done that moment.


Meanwhile there’s tension inside the hospital regrading Dawn’s leadership.   Officer Maximiliano Hernández,is acting like a Starscream-esque character.   Dawn knows that something’s gonna give.   Since no one has come to rescue them.   As well as supplies dwindling, and Noah’s escape.   Beth was able to stand up for herself to help Carol’s internal injuries.   Since Carol was hit by an Atlanta’s Cop car last week.   Dawn didn’t hesitate to give Beth the key to the drug locker.   From there Beth was able to give Carol 5 ML of medicine to give her a fighting chance.

There’s also Offiicer Lampson who was willing to help Rick’s group. Apparently he’s sick of Dawn’s leadership.  Although Rick and crew did  capture some of Dawns forces.   Lampson still escaped with both his hands tied behind his back.   Which raises more questions, was he pretending to be nice to save his own skin?   Is he going to get far?   Darryl and Tyreese refused to be as blood thirsty as Rick.   I’ve not seen Sasha handle herself too well in a fight.   And we’ve already seen Noah handle himself.   So unless Morgan or Michonne come out of nowhere.    I have a feeling we’re going to be saying goodbye to a favorite character/s this Sunday.





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Not an Total Cop Out

Interesting to see Darryl becoming "old school" Rick, and Rick becoming "new school" Shane. GREATM had little to no payoff. The whole Atlanta scenes dragged a little too much.

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