Review of The Walking Dead Episode Self Help (Spoilers)

We’re five seasons into AMC’s The Walking Dead.   The season one characters are like old friends.   The season four – five characters are still some getting used to.  By that if you hadn’t the comics, you didn’t know that Eugene wasn’t a scientist.   As I’ve previously stated, I stopped reading the comics after issue ten.   I felt that the T.V. actors brought the characters to life a lot better.

Sgt.  Abraham Ford was rubbing me the wrong way.   Was he just that  stupid to believe Eugene?   Did he know that Eugene was lying, but wanted to believe/accept the lie?   Well the good news was…we got some answers.   The flash back scenes regarding Abraham and his family were intense.   We saw, how his temper got the better of him.   The look on their faces, as they didn’t know who Abe was anymore.   Sure, we get how/why Sgt. Ford and Eugene met…


…however, as  a viewer though, I wanted to see what happened to Beth, Carol, and Darryl.   Last week’s cliffhanger saw Carol unconscious on a stretcher.   This week’s Talking Dead episode showed a clip of Carol and Darryl burning someone wrapped up in a sheet.   It was a daytime scene.  And we know that Carol and Darryl were chasing Beth’s captors at night…so was it Beth who bit it?   Judging by the  size of the person in the sheet and just Carol and Darryl standing around…you know what let’s get back to this episode.


Abraham and Rosita are important to the comics, same as Eugene (or so I’m told).   I also know that newly weds Glenn and Maggie decided to go with them to Washington D.C.   Why?   I just assumed that because they helped reunite Glenn with Maggie in Season four, the favor would be returned?   I just don’t see too much chemistry between Glenn and Abraham.   Honestly?   Up until this episode I felt that Rosita and Sgt. Ford were just background characters.


Eugene made some great comic relief.   Yet, he kept making more and more excuses not to go to Washington D.C.   He claimed he knew what caused the virus, yet he kept saying it was classified.   There were just too many red flags.   It almost became a drinking game.   As for the rest of Rick’s group…they’re not stupid.   So why did other characters believe Eugene for so long?   I dunno, what it lacked in Eugene finally admitting that he was a fake.   It made up in some great performances by the cast.   But the best came from Cudlitz and McDermitt as Eugene and Abraham.

To quote Elder Cunningham form The Book Of Mormon.  “I told a lie…well it wasn’t a lie.”   “I used my imagination, and it worked.”   Abarham tried to do his best to save his family.   When he saw them killed by walkers, he was about to do himself in.   Saving Eugene and thinking that he was on a mission…Sgt. Ford found a new reason to survive.   The problem is when the secret came out, and Eugene got the tar beaten out of him…what happens now.


Fein-al Verdict

Everything seemed to come out in the wash.   This episode gave Eugene and Abe some fleshing out.   Again I ask, did Sgt. Ford save Eugene because he thought that Eugene was a scientist?   Or was he in denial until, Eugene stopped humoring Abraham.   After all Eugene could have lied all the way to D.C.   He could have  stated when they got there, that the notes were destroyed.   On the other hand, we find out that many survivors died while Abraham was protecting Eugene.   Not to mention why they were “detained,” at Terminus.   Again the twist was not surprising whether you read the comics.   Or listening to Eugene’s hesitation to get to Washington D.C.   I shave off points for the weak twist.   I knew it coming from a mile away.  I also have Beth, Carol, Darryl and Noah on my mind…

For what it was worth it, the walker kills were impressive.   Everything from Sgt. Fords “whack a mole,” kill.   To Eugene using the fire trucks high pressure hose to decimate  the walkers piece by piece.   So between the walker kills, and Sgt. Fords flash backs, followed by the performances…the show’s still worth a watch.


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