Review Of The Walking Dead Episode Slabtown (Spoilers)

The good news, we know what happened to Beth Greene.   The better news is that she’s not dead.   The best-est news that even though fans stated the episode  was boring…It still beat Sunday Night Football in the ratings.   I also hate to be repetitive, but the theme is being rational in an irrational world.   We got a whole new slew of characters.   As well as another suspenseful cliffhanger.   All and all, the episode may have been filler…but it was still a chiller.


First of all we’ve transitioned from Shane – Governor – Gareth – Dawn.   Dawn and The Atlanta Police Dept. (or what’s left of them).   Having  sought shelter in an run down hospital.   The justification is, they shanghai people, convince them to work off being saved from walkers, given shelter/ food…and they can leave.   Yet the audience knows, that the captors can never leave.   Beth wakes up (Al la Rick from Season One).   Where she meets the only Doctor and “control freak,” Officer Dawn.


Not to say this wasn’t and intense episode.   Because it was, we also  get an great performance from the only  Doctor.   Who will make sure he’s the only one on staff per say.   The Altanta P.D. is rounding up survivors.  The only functioning Doctor knows who some of the “new admits are.”   He’s allowing Beth to administer medicine.   Only he’s giving her the wrong amounts/medicine.  So it looks like Beth doesn’t know what she’s doing.


We also get Noah, another captive “savior,” who does his best to help Beth escape.   There’s also officer Gorman, a sadistic stereotypical Bully.   Who tries to rape Beth, only to be torn apart by a walker.   Yeah a lot happened on tonights episode.   Problem is we’ve been down this road before.   Dawn is a female version of The Governor.   Gorman is a Merril Dixon knockoff.   And so on and so forth.


We also get the idea, what someone will do to survive.   What measures the person will take.   Still it was nice to see Beth not turn into Barbara from George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.   She still believes that there is good in this world.   She’s also able to hold up in a fight.   She’s gets a beaten here and there by Dawn.   Yet, she’s gotten a lot stronger since the episode Still from season four.

Fein-al Thoughts

The performances from all the actors were rock solid.   I’m not going to take anything away from the actors.   The hospital came off as a Haunted Hose attraction.   Beth doing her best to go with the flow.   Trying to stay sweet and innocent, but no longer being the victim.   I have to shave off points for several reasons.   One because the hospital reminded me of Woodbury from season three.   Two Beth reminded me of Andrea here and there.   Not all the time, just sometimes.   Three Dawn and Gorman were/are Governor/Merril knockoff’s.  Finally, you still can’t trust anyone is this “new world.”   We also got another cliffhanger, Carol made an appearance .  Is Carol dead?   Is she playing possum?   All I’m going to say is…Dawn better look at the flowers.


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  1. It wasn’t what I expected to see this week, but I found that I enjoyed it. At first it was a bit slow since we were dealing with this unexpected environment and new characters. But it started ratcheting up and drew me in. Beth has become a much stronger character in seasons 4 and now 5, with her growing up and having been paired with Derrell after the prion’s destruction, and then being out on her own. I expected in this episode to flash back to the events of Derrell and Carol going after the black car that took Beth, but alas, we got something else that was still entertaining. We get allegories similar to Merril and the Governor, but hopefully they add more depth to the character of Dawn so that she doesn’t become a repeat of what we’ve treaded already. And let’s not forget that we’ve now seen a peak at Negan, who will undoubtedly appear again and become a major threat to the group. But I hope that next week we get back to Abraham, Maggie, and Glenn and the other going to DC, and Rick and the group dealing with the preacher and find out who Derrell brought back with him. Still, I look forward now to seeing what happens with Beth and Carol in Atlanta. I’m all-in.

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