Review Of The Walking Dead Episode Strangers (Spoilers)

-A Mans Gotta Eat.” Gareth

For fans of The Walking Dead comic, this episode is based on a classic story line.   We meet Father Gabriel, and I’m happy with the casting.   Several hundred-thousand people on/offline have complained about the previous pacing regarding past episodes.   For me I’ve loved every minute, from beginning to end.   Tonight’s episode wasn’t clustered, by that each character got his/her moment to speak their mind.


Last weeks end credit scene showed the return of Morgan.   I believe he has been following the symbols of the Saviors?   Again, I’m trying not to read the comics.   I’m glad he’s back and was hoping he’d be in tonight’s episode.   The problem is it has been a while, where we’ve had such a large cast episode of The Walking Dead.  So I’m sure we’ll see him in episode seven or eight.


There was a small sub plot with Carol returning to the group.  Wondering if she fits in.   Yes, she has saved the group…yet there is debate about her “previous actions.”  Should she tell the group about Lizzie and Mika?   Should be be forgiven about what happened in the prison?  My personal opinion?  I think she belongs in Ricks group.   It was nice seeing her teaming up with Daryl to chase the car that abducted Beth.

We saw some classic Walker kills. The food bank  basement floaters walkers, was a plus.  It gets more and more interesting where the characters are going to find a walker/s.  It has that big budget, haunted house tourist attraction feel.  To me this would be a great Universal Studios Halloween attraction.   Granted it’d have to be supervised, but I’d love to walk through basement-esque water fighting off walkers.

We did get a interesting speech from Sgt Ford regarding survival.   He has been one tracked minded about going to Washington D.C.   Granted he has only been the only truly gung ho about it.   Rick has been transitioning to rational Rick – Savage Rick.   He still wants to protect his people.   I’m sure he thinks Washington D.C. may be salvation…but salvaging supplies and finding Beth comes first.


I feel that Rick is realizing that getting “hot,” will get him and his people killed.   Carl’s attitude towards his father has changed as well.  In previous episodes he felt Rick should step down as leader.   Carl is acting more like Ricks Jimmy Cricket.   Carl is not innocent…he’s just not angry.  He’s like Beth, he doesn’t think every outsider is bad.   Some characters have changed for the better or worse.  Carl has made some nice transition the past few episodes.

Finally we see the Hunters (former Terminus survivors).   They captured Bob outside of Father Gabriel church.    We know that Gareth is alive and not all there.   I’m even more surprised that Martin the Mouthpiece survived Tyreeses beatings.  That doesn’t mean he’ll be alive much longer.   Gareth gave a great monologue regarding survival.   Yet, what is survival?   There is a difference between survival and living in this world.



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Here's to Survival

Loved the bonding between Carol and Darryl. The huge cast didn't cluster the plot. It was nice to see Maggie, forgive a former Governor supporter. The final ten minutes.

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