Review Of The Walking Dead Episode What’s Happened, and What’s Going On (Spoilers)

Fans of The Walking Dead comics.   Knew that Tyreese’s time was coming.   Again, I stopped reading the comics.   So I don’t know how he died in that medium.   All I knew is that, he was a gentle giant.   I also knew that he wasn’t right, for this “new world.”   Granted he had to protect his sister.  After he couldn’t protect his girlfriend.   He did his best to protect, Mika and Lizzie.  He also rescued baby Judith on several occasions.  He was a “voice of reason.”   And we all know what happens to “that person.”


The mid season premiere, was directed by Greg Nicotero.   Who did a great job, dealing with Tyreese’s hallucinations.   A good portion of this series.  Discusses tragedy, and doesn’t handle grief well.   After all, in a zombocalypse.   You’re all about survival.   There isn’t a time for funeral arrangements.  I think Night of the Living Dead, taught us that.  “I’m guessing after The Death of Beth Greene.”   The series wanted to try a more sympathetic approach.


The cast was minimized tonight, it was also Noah’s story.  After the mid season finale.   It was all about getting him, back home.  Which is of course, is what Beth wanted to do.   Rick and his people wanted to honor that promise. Granted we get the trek through the woods.  Muttering about survival, trying their best to survive.   And so on and so forth.   Sure we got some great zombie kills here and there.


I will give the series creators credit, where credit is due.  They know how to write someone off.   So the question was? Why do you kill of an gentle giant?  Again, instead of killing off likable characters.  Can’t they just part ways for a while?   In case the character is needed down the road?  Just saying, is all.  I thought he would’ve snapped into a primitive.   And his anger would cause his demise.  But we already saw him, tested over and over again.


Carol admitted to burning his lady friend.   He forgave her, a redneck was going to kill Judith.  Tyreese just beat the guy up.   But he didn’t kill.   If his voice was raspier/worked on gadgets.   He could have been Batman.   He had the body for it.   This whole, who should “fit in, and why.”  Is getting a little long in the tooth.   Rick, is getting a little too one dimensional.   And anyone who gets more screen time.   Is just more likely to be bumped off.


After Tyreese gets bitten in the arm.  By one of Noah’s un-dead family members.   Tyreese is left in the room.  To see the ghosts of Bob, Beth, Mika, Lizzie, that redneck “MouthPiece,” and The Governor.   All gave their piece of mind.   The Governor tells Tyreese off with his cryptic messages.  “All about paying bills.”   Because Tyreese wasn’t willing to “earn his keep” in Woodbury.   Beth sang more than talked.   Singing a song entitled, Struggling Man Gotta Move on.  Bob would chime in stating that it’s ok to let go.

The Fein-al Verdict

I liked how each ghost, represented Tyreese’s story line/s.  We knew who was going to forgive him.   And who was going to call him on his decisions.   Of all who should be judged in this series.   I’m glad that the writers, moved on from Rick and Carol.   Tyresse just sat in the corner of Noah’s room.   Listening to what each ghost had to say.   Of course our “mouthpeice redneck,” friend.  Wasn’t much of an asshole, at first.   Telling Tyreese how his situations could have been handled.   To save both Beth and Bob.  Bob would just sit on the bed.   Smiling, and saying that his getting bit.  Was no fault of Tyreese.

And we already knew Beth’s final arc.   There was no way to save Mika and Lizzie.   Lizze we knew, couldn’t handle dealing with the walkers.   And Carol had to make that decision to take her behind the barn and shoot her.  This episode handled his closure well.   In the end, the ghosts are in an car, with Tyreese.  Beth behind the wheel, Bob in the passenger seat smiling.  And Mika and Lizzie in the back.  Now they can go anywhere.

On a side note, it would’ve been interesting to see Tyreese.  Turn into Bub from Romero’s Day of The Dead.

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"Struggling Man, Gotta Move On."

Tyreese "tying up loose ends." We got to see "old friends." Being allowed to protect Bob, Beth, Mika and Lizze. For all eternity is not a bad deal at all.

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