Review of The Walking Dead Four Walls and a Roof (Spoilers)

For fans who are getting tired to too much talking on The Walking Dead…And not enough Zombies…All I can say is that.   Haters are gonna hate.   For me I still appreciate Rick and company holding on to rational, in a irrational world.   Gareth made it clear on the Season Premier that “you can’t go back.”    Transitioning from the leader of Terminus – The Hunters.   Gareth is convinced that you’re either  the pray of the predator.


For fans of the comics, you know that Gareth and his crew get B.B.Qued.   I’m not surprised that this story was adapted for the T.V. series.   Yet The Hunters demise ended…a little too soon.   I was hoping they’d at least stick around until the end of the first half of the season.   I also believe that Rick quotes the famous line from the comics.   “We are The Walking Dead!”

I hate to be nit-picky, but it’s one of the reasons that I’m shaving off points.  On the other hand, there were some solid performances.   Gareth did go out on a high note.   From beginning to end.   Gareth’s monologue regarding survival was hair raising.   As well as his justification for cutting off Bob’s leg.  And using it for sustenance.   Yet it is Bob who had the last laugh.


Again, in the comics I believe it was Dale that  had been bitten.  Followed by being kidnapped by the hunters.  The point is that, the victim was bitten claiming his meat is tainted.   You see in season one, Rick and his people thought they found salvation at the CDC in Atlanta.   It turns out, that a person is still infected without being scratched or bitten by a zombie.

My hypothesis is  that it’s a man made virus was created disguised as the flu.   As it mutates a person with a weak immune system can turn, quicker.   Or get bitten or scratched by a walker…whatever floats your boat.   If that’s the case…who created it?  Oh well…so The Hunters wonder if they’ve eaten tainted meat, are they gonna turn?   All while stationing behind a Elementary School, with Walkers trapped inside.   It’s a head scratcher , regarding the  trapped walkers inside the school.   It never paid  off.

Of course we got the sub plot between Sgt. Ford getting Eugene to Washington D.C.   You can tell that Eugene didn’t want to go.   Which tells me that he has no idea what caused the Zombie Outbreak.  So either Sgt. Ford is stupid or doesn’t want to accept the fact that Eugene is a fraud.  There was a pissing contest between Rick and Sgt. Ford.   Yet, the end result was better than Rick and Shane from season 2.


I’m not saying the character is unlikable,  he just comes off as too one note.   Eugene has given too many excuses not to go to Washington D.C.    I get it that Sgt. Ford would beat the living tar out of Eugene for lying…still it would be smarter if Eugene would’ve told the truth.  Instead of  Leaving with Ford at the end of this episode.   I take it won’t end well.

The last ten minutes dealt with The Hunters thinking that Rick, and several others left the church.  Leaving Carl, Judith, Father Gabriel  and few others behind.   But Rick played a huge fake out and Gareth turning into a blubbering mess of emotions, didn’t help his case.   Rick and company made short work out of The Hunters.     Transitioning  the Church from a House of G-D to just four walls and a roof.


Fein-al Thoughts

If there is a cure for this “new world,” it won’t matter.   Everything that ever visible character has done to survive has become a game changer.   We’ve the see the best and worst being brought in said characters.  Cowards have turned into heroes and vice versa.  Now granted Rick is not a cult leader.   He has no problem letting Sgt. Ford, Rosita, Glenn and Maggie leaving.   He also wants to know why Darryl and Beth wandered away.   Well it ended on a cliff hanger.   There have been several rumors regarding Beth Greene.   All I’m gonna say she’s appearing on the next AMC’s Talking Dead.   Sometimes when  a major/minor  cast member appears it’s because they’ve been bumped off…Bottom line  if either Beth or Carol bit it…I’m rioting.


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'Taint The Meat...It's The Human-Ity

Andrew J. West's performance from Ep's 416 - 503 was memorable. Again those last ten minutes... That Darryl emerging from the bushes cliffhanger.... Bob...R.I.P. you went out like a champ.

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