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TFG1Mike’s Top 10 TV Shows of 2014

TFG1Mike’s Top 10 TV Shows of 2014

Once again I’m going to do a TV Shows of 2014 Countdown! Last year I had the Top 13, this year I’m just gonna do a Top 10, but I’ll have a few honorable mentions.

Honorable mentions this year go to The Voice Season 7, Last Man Standing, only for the episode “Helen Potts”, and Wahlburgers. You might be asking yourself why Wahlburgers, well because I’m originally from Massachusetts. Anything from there I’ll pay attention to. The reason The Voice only gets an honorable mention is because once again I barely cared about any of the song choices. Thankfully the one contestant I really enjoyed won Season 7! I haven’t been watching Last Man Standing, but I had to watch the “reunion” episode that aired. Granted it aired this year in 2015… Still loved it.

10 Arrow

RC_SP-001 Arrow S1

You might be reading this and say…. “BLASPHEMY that Arrow is only #10.” Well let me explain. I DO ENJOY Arrow, but I have to watch it in big clumps. Like when I did the Remote Control Season Passes for Arrow S1 and S2. I watched each season in it’s entirety in one long marathon. I very much enjoyed the first two seasons. Season 3 from what I’ve seen of it I’m enjoying it. But I do not watch it week to week. There are just too many other shows I’m watching. LOVED the crossover episodes between Arrow and Flash though!

9 Gotham


Welcome to Gotham! At first I was really in love with this show. For the simple fact that it was Ben Mckenzie’s return to FOX since 2003’s “The O.C. After watching Gotham on a weekly basis since it has been on, there have been weeks where I loved and then hated the show. In the beginning I wish Alfred would have been harmed in some way. Simply because I didn’t care for the actor portraying him. In time I’ve gotten over my hatred of Alfred, and now that he is actually being a parent to Bruce I like him. The one real complaint I have about the series is that I wish it’d be paced better. It makes my #9 slot because I like it, but I’m not in love with the show. It’s good but needs vast improvements and room for them to be able to grow the series. I do enjoy the Bruce-Selina interactions though, those are very well done.

8 Stalker


As someone who is not into scary things much, you’d be surprised that this show made my countdown. After all it’s from the mind of the Scream king himself Kevin Williamson. However Stalker has a great cast, and VERY interesting plots. It also has a undercurrent plot with the lead actress’s character and one of the “Stalkers” that we saw early on in the series. Maggie Q plays Lt Beth Davis, but as the series progresses we find out that isn’t her real name! This show highlights many different types of Stalking offenses. That is what makes it interesting to me.

7 White Collar

White Collar Final Season

Last year White Collar was at my #3 spot. The only reason why it’s at #7 this year is because the final season was only 6 episodes. I enjoyed the six episodes, and the storyline was great. However there were six other TV shows that had a bit more substance. White Collar’s finale was great, the storyline was interesting. Bringing in the “Pink Panthers” as a international group of thieves, and having Neal infiltrate them was just so cool. Still not having the show on anymore is kinda sad. The ending to the series was very satisfying though.

6 Dallas

RC_SP-005 Dallas S2

Dallas should have gone on longer. 3 Seasons was not enough. It gets the number 6 spot on my list, because I loved the way everything played out in Season 3. Between the characters, the storylines, and the setting. The series really did a damn good job of bridging the old cast with the new. The acting is very well done, between Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, Jesse Metcalf, and the rest of the cast. Season 3 went in a direction I wasn’t really sure of. However every moment had some sort of emotional impact. I’m going to very much miss the series. Larry Hagman you will always be missed.

5 Red Band Society


Even though Red Band Society ranks in at #5 for me… I really did and do consider it one of the best new shows of 2014. Sadly it probably will never air again. It had great characters, interesting storylines, and the acting was very well done. Plus the plot of following the lives of terminally ill kids is interesting. Just seeing how each of them deals with what their lives are like. The show had some really good comedy moments too.

4 Scorpion


Scorpion is a procedural that isn’t that formulaic. It takes a group of geniuses and turns them into government agents. Based on the life of Walter O’Brien, Scorpion brings geeks and regular people together. A very fun show, with great acting, and interesting plotlines. Plus it has Eddie Kaye Thomas starring in it as one of the geniuses, yep that’s right there is life after Shitbrick and American Pie! However Scorpion is so much more than what you might expect. It’s about a “normal” person helping the geniuses and vice versa. Plus the T-1000 is the Agent that oversees the team’s interactions with the government. The characters are unique, and everyone can relate to at least one of them.

3 The Blacklist

RC_SP The Blacklist S2

As you read this, you might be gasping that The Blacklist is not number 1….. I’m loving the second season of this show, but with all the slow build up to several reveals. I’m just placing it 3rd on my list, because it needs to hurry up and continue the story. The acting in season 2 has all been very good, the story is moving, but not fast enough for me.

2 Girl Meets World

GMW Title Card

From 1993-2000 Boy Meets World was beloved by all. 14 years later Michael Jacobs, April Kelly, and the rest of the BMW team bring you Girl Meets World. Now you might think that this is just another teen like Disney Channel series. But wait it’s so much more than that. We pick up with Cory, Topanga, and their kids! The show revolves aroun Riley Matthews, and how she grows up “in her Father’s World.” GMW is the family television series we have needed for so long. It applies fresh and new ideas, while still catering to the BMW fans of yesteryear. There are touching moments with the new characters as we follow them on their journey. I almost made Girl Meets World my #1, but while I do love this series very much… There was one new series in 2014 that ran past all my expectations!

1 The Flash


The Flash is easily the best new show, and the best new superhero show. It’s very fun, light, and at the same time it can also have its serious moments. The cast is put together well, and the characters are enjoyable to watch. The effects on the show are just as great. Grant Gustin as Barry Allen is very likable, as are the rest of Team Flash. Jesse L. Martin aka Detective Green from his Law & Order days does a great job as Detective West here. I have to say that was the one casting choice that surprised me. Only because I had this A-HA moment. The storylines so far in The Flash have all been great. There are a few nitpicks I could point out, but I won’t. The show is just that damn good that the nitpicks don’t even matter!

Final Thoughts:

You might have noticed that The Big Bang Theory is not in my list this year. I LOVE BBT, but there ewre too many NEW shows that I felt needed addressing moreso than Big Bang. 2014 was an interesting year for television, and I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store. Right now loving Agent Carter, and so many more shows!!!

So what were your Top 10 TV Shows of 2014? Post in the comments and let me know!

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