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Top 10 – Are You Afraid of the Dark Episodes

Well  the last couple of weeks have  certainly been  a crazy one. As many of you already know I am a Broadcasting and Film student and  last month  I participated in a  72hr film challenge entitled the “Murphy Challenge” in honor of a professor by the name of Dennis Murphy who passed away from throat cancer. This year  we were all given scenes from a book he wrote entitled Darkness at the stroke of noon , I took one of the scenes and turned it into a screenplay and also acted as Producer for this film. Anyways we ended up winning for best scene in the entire film challenge taking home giftcards to a company called Vistek ,$500.00 in cash to be divided up between us and a behind the scenes tour of the NHL network.

Anyways onto the title of this blog as many of you may recall my very first podcast episode here on GCRN was with Kevin on the Telecast and we talked about none other than Are You Afraid of the Dark. Over the past week I have watched most of  the episodes from AYAOTD with the exception of some that still quite frankly creep  me out even to this day at almost 20 years old. I decided to come up with my top 10 AYAOTD episodes and talk about them a little more in depth now then I did on the podcast.

First coming in at #10 : Tale of   The  Prom Queen : I really enjoyed this episode because it wasn;t as scary or suspenseful as previous episodes and it had a really good storyline. It also had some romance in it ( re-uniting two lost souls ) I won’t give to much away to those who haven’t seen it. If you haven’t watched this episode go check it out !

#9 Tale of Nightly Neighbors : This one was an interesting one and for those of you who like Vampires and no  I am not talking to those who like the Vampires from “Twilight” . I am talking about the fans of real Vampires who don’t sparkle and who suck blood and sleep in coffins. If you like Vampires you will like AYAOTD’s take on in it in this episode.

#8 Tale of Many Faces : This episode quite frankly freaked me out.

#7  Tale of  the Last Dance

#6 Tale of Night Nurse

#5 Tale of Mystical Mirror

#4 Tale of Locker 22

#3  Tale of Captured Souls

#2 :The Tale of The Lonely Ghost

#1  Tale of The Dream Girl

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