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Rizzoli & Isles Title #2

Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Episodes 01-02

Rizzoli & Isles Title

I found Rizzoli & Isles at Season 3. I quickly refreshed on what happened the previous 2 seasons through wikis, and after that I was hooked. Starring Angie Harmon, Sasha Alexander, Bruce McGill, Lee Thompson Young, Lorraine Bracco, and more. This TNT Drama series has everything I need in a police procedural, without making it feel like your average police procedural.

Rizzoli & Isles 2

Rizzoli & Isles is a well thought out dramatic police procedural that focusses more on the characters than the plots of each weeks crime. It puts the characters in the forefront, which is for me a nice change of pace. Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles are great characters, they are unique unto their own, and the chemistry between themis fun to watch.

Rizzoli & Isles 5

Episodes 01 and 02 of Season 5 build upon what the S4 finale was. There were several episodes in Season 4 after Lee Thompson Young died, that he appeared in. However at about the second to last episode they say that his character Barry Frost was on vacation. At the end of Season 5 Ep 01 they say that while coming back from his mom’s Barry Frost got in a car accident. I’m perfectly fine with how they explained Lee Thompson Young’s absense, and it was amazing how each of the characters dealt with his death.

Rizzoli & Isles 3

Lee Thompson Young was an amazing actor in every role, I first saw him on The Disney Channel as Jett Jackson in The Famous Jett Jackson. When I started watching Rizzoli & Isles… I was kinda shocked and pleasently surprised. He went onto become a great actor. He will be sorely missed. As Barry Frost in R&I he was a great addition to the rest of the cast. In Episode 02 of Season 5 you can really tell how emotional the cast were able to get, and when Jane (Angie Harmon) read the ulegy… I could really tell it was moreso coming from Harmon than whatever was on the page.

Rizzoli & Isles 4

Final Thoughts – The Future Of Rizzoli & Isles:

I hope they do not just replace Barry Frost right away, yet I’m wondering who they’ll add to take the characters place. Lee Thompson young you shall never be forgotten!!! Rizzoli & Isles was one of your best roles ever.

Season 5 Episode 02: Goodbye Promo:

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Rizzoli & Isles is the best comedic police procedural!

Rizzoli & Isles said goodbye to a great friend, character, and actor. Lee Thompson Young you will be missed!

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