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Once again, The Walking Dead packed a punch with it’s fifth season opener.   When last we saw Rick and company, they were trapped in Boxcar A.   We do get a brief summary how Terminus’s…Termites? Were once cordial and friendly.   However after getting that old case of (someone ruined it for everyone), they turned into homicidal cannibals.   Granted there is more to it…but you get the idea.

Where's the Beth? Well at least we know she's not Beth Jerky.
Where’s the Beth? Well at least we know she’s not Beth Jerky.

What’s a Walking Dead episode without some, testosterone?   This one picked up exactly where Season 4 Episode 16, left off.   Rick, Glenn, Robert, and Darryl were about to be slaughtered like pigs.   Robert of course tired to talk sense into Terminus Leader Gareth.  However due to the past, he wasn’t listening.  We got to see how Gareth is too far gone to see any reason to trust the outside world.   He just has this cool and calm rational on the outside, on the inside…well Governor 2.0.


Also some fans mistook  future Walking Dead Villain Negan, took over Terminus, in the Then and Now segments…but that would make little sense.   Yes Terminus was taken over.  Yes women were raped…and so on and so forth.   However if Negan did take over…he’d take over. Granted I didn’t read the comics, but have heard of him.   Thanks to forums and fan made posters of his famous barbed wire bat.

The other question on everyone’s mind was where’s Beth?  We know during the summer she was taken by Survivors…but will she see Rick and the others again?  Have to keep watching.   The series still asks/answers philosophical/psychological questions on survival.   Rick goes all McGuyver on his captors.   Stabbing people in the throats with wood, ECT.   The Tyreese and Carol Subplot had a nice balance too.


Since she was the victim of domestic abuse I was wondering how she’d survive.  Granted she has become her own woman.   Yet, she can be cold and calculating at times.  We’ve seen her Grow since season two and become a badass in three.  Tonight she went all Ripley from Aliens and Jamie Lee Curtis from True Lies.  Which from her haircut and face…she looks, a tad bit Jamie Lee-ish .

Carol kicked ass and took names, by using a walkers guts to not attract attention.  Followed by blowing up a nearby gas tank.   Of course we got a heard of walkers.   Surprising it wasn’t a mess.   It was all shot and written well.   Nothing was clustered in this episode.   The explosions weren’t distracting, the kills as usual were well choreographed and original.    As per usual we’ll get a classic walker.   I have to say I did like the Butcher Walker.   He’s not original…but I guess the irony is he killed humans and ate them alive.  So he will continue as a walker, or until he’s brought down.

Finally we got Tyreeses story line, I haven’t  read the comics for various reasons.   I thought it would be annoying to compare the comic to the show.  Regarding the show he comes off as an gentle giant.  He saved baby Judith from the prison.   He is still rational, after what happened to his soul mate in the prison.  He was put in a situation regarding Terminus’s watchman Mouthpiece (At least that’s what I am calling him).   Granted the scene was predictable, we know that Mouthpiece would take Judith hostage.  We also knew that Tyreese would have to kill Mouthpiece to save her.  Still it’s satisfying to see him grow as a character.

Fein-al Thoughts

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape.  You don’t spit in the wind.  You don’t pull the mask off the ‘ol Lone Ranger.   And you don’t piss of Rick, Carol, and Tyreese.  These were the three characters, that I was focused on this week.  They’re unpredictable, and they don’t want to their anger to cause a mistake.   Thankfully their quick thinking, put Terminus out of commission.   It continues to ask, what would you do to survive.   How far you can go mentally and physically in this universe.   How to hold onto humanity.   Eugene had a few good line reads here and there.   However I think there’s more to him, than he tells us.   Of course we also get an end credit appearance from Morgan.   So can’t wait for next week.


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Carol is one bad..."shut yo mouth...(I was just talking 'bout Carol)". "Can you dig it?" A heartwarming ending...but I don't think we've seen the last of the Terminus survivors. The return of Morgan.

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