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Captain Ruggels Gaming – Special Cars and Fun Scars | Far Cry 5 Ep.6

In Far Cry 5 Episode 6, our Heroes stage a daring rescue mission, dealing a significant blow to John Seed’s operations. Along the way, chaos ensues as we inadvertently disrupt the entire operation, all with some special cars and Fun Scars, I mean memorable mishaps adding an extra layer of excitement to this action-packed episode!

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00:00:00 – And Here we Are
00:01:05 – Fun Scars
00:01:40 – Special Cars
00:02:29 – From the Sky
00:03:14 – Explosive Roadkill
00:04:16 – Gotta Have More Cowbell
00:04:56 – Special Shovels & Tactics
00:05:54 – Bears!
00:06:40 – Assault on The Farm

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