Review of D.C. Scooby Doo Team Up (Current Issues+Spoilers)

Sometime in the 1980’s The New Scooby Doo Movies started to re -run on T.V.   It first aired on C.B.S. Saturday mornings from ’72’74.   Batman and Robin starred in a few episodes, and they usually battled Penguin and Joker.   Eventually Hanna Barbera Productions would ring out The Super Friends cartoons.   They were campy, fun…you get the idea.  I don’t recall a Scooby Doo/Batman Team up comic then…

scooby doo scarecrow

…Yet we’re getting one now.   What’s also the icing on this oh so delicious Scooby Snack, is variety.  We’re getting the Scarecrow, Man-bat (hey he works in this universe), and some other campy team ups.   The demographics are for fans both young and old, male/female.   The writing feels like a ’70’s – ’80’s comic.   The artwork feels the same as well.   You can thank Sholly Fisch for the writing.  Sholly has written for Teen Titans Go Comics, Ben 10, as well as several 2011 Action Comics.   As well as Batman Brave and The Bold.bat hound

Followed by the artwork of Dario Brizuela, and it’s a love letter to Scooby Doo of yester-year.   The story deals with Scooby dreaming he Scoob-in, (Scooby dressed as the boy wonder).   Mystery Inc are guest speakers for The Mystery Analysts of Gotham.   I also love the Dialogue between Batman and Fred.


So you see…Robin and myself use many techniques to defeat the bad guys.   Detective work, gadgets, hand to hand combat.


Really?   We just pull the masks off the bad guys.


Pull off the masks?  Eh?   I’ll have to try that.

The humor works and it doesn’t feel forced.    Also each character plays well off of each other nicely.   There is enough room for each one to breath.   Scooby and Ace The Bathound are just barking?   They’re barking is translated for the audience…still Ace shows Scooby his proud accomplishments.   Scarecrow interrupt’s and sprays fear gas.  With the humans scared out of their wits Scooby and Ace have to save the day.

There’s a great shot of the two dogs.  That plays homage to The Dark Knight Returns. scooby dooAll and all, this story gives some creditability to Ace.   You know that there’s a reason why the Super Pets were added into the D.C. universe.

Next we get Two Mites Make it Wrong.   Bat – Mite is what Mr. Mixtel…you know who is to Superman.   When Mystery Inc. is trying to unmask two criminals, only to have their heads change.  Followed by looking like Daphne and Shaggy.   Turns out Bat – Mite is just having a little fun.   The criminals think of this as a way to high tail it outta there.   But Batman and Robin, stop ’em.   Bat – Mite wants to help the gang somehow.

bat mite

…By that to make their adventures…more awesome.   He turns the gang into apes (which I thought was a reference to Marvel’s Ape – Vengers One shot).   Or into Batman/Robin Scooby Doo babies.   He’ll even give Mystery Inc. Bat Costumes.   Or even bring back some classic Scooby Villain’s.   It’s a shame the Ice Cream ghosts don’t make a cameo.

Bat-Mite will even turn into a less irritating version of Scrappy Doo.   Continuing to turn Mystery Inc. into Ghostbusters or The M.I.B., The My Little Ponies.   The point of this story is that bigger doesn’t mean better.  That a hero doesn’t need powers or a gimmick.   It’s filler…but for a comic series dealing mostly for the youngling’s it’s passable.

Next we get the Teen Titans go story…You know what unless you’re a fan of the new  series…it’s a little headachy.   I won’t shave off points for an ambitious idea.   The Titans have a ghost in their tower.   Mystery Inc. shows up.   They’re some nice banter here and there.    But then we get Trigon the Terrible.   Fans of Teen Titans know how bad – @#$ he is.  This universe he’s watered down.

He comes off as an unwanted guest that doesn’t want to leave….you know what let’s move on shall we?

teen titans

The next team up deals with Wonder Woman on Paradise Island.   Since men aren’t allowed, we just have Velma and Daphne.   It’s does a great deal discussing gender equality.   Without cramming the P.S.A. down the readers throat.   Scooby is allowed on the island (even though he’s male).   Now in a grown up Wonder Woman I believe men stepping onto Paradise Island would be castrated, beheaded, and disembowel.   Probably not in that order.

wonder woman

Here Shaggy and Fred, have to stay on the invisible jet.   If they step onto the island the woman will lose their powers.   So I do love they have to be left behind.   The jokes regarding them on the plane don’t get stale, as they try to make the most of it.   Scooby is not human…so there’s justification on him wandering around.   This issue works because it’s not just half naked Daphne and Velma.  It’s about how they’re using their brains and wits to defeat the Greek creatures.

Fein-Al Thoughts

Before wrapping up this review, let’s talk about the Justice League issue.   Or The Super Friends one (for arguments sake).   We get all the classic T.V. Super Friend’s.   Such as The Wonder Twins.  We also get the T.V.  character designs of the Legion of Doom.  So the Scarecrow looks like the 80’s Hannah Barbara Scarecrow.   This issue works as a fan fiction for a long lost episode.   Actually the whole comic series is fan fiction done right.   As I stated before the artwork is crisp and clean.   The writing is funny and clever.   With only one bump in the road (The Teen Titans Go).   This is a worthy series, and is more fun to read than Lil’ Gotham.   Great mixture of characters/story/art.   Grab yourself some Scooby Snacks and enjoy the “what could have been lost Scooby/Batman/Super Friends episode Team Ups.”

legion of doom


Review Overview


Jinkies...this series is worth unmasking.

Great artwork and writing. Some smart humor on catching the baddies. Love the variety of good/bad guys. Bat-Mite appearing is "Awesome Sauce." C'mon give us the Ice Cream ghosts already.

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